Current State of Balance in 1v1 Supremacy - Early 2023

Thoughts on the current state of balance?

Recent notable nerfs:

Ottoman Deli + Azap
Swedish Hakkapelit
China Tea Export
Portuguese Feitorias

Notable Buffs:

Lakota card revert (4 axes, 6 war clubs)

Curiously omitted (did not make it to the patch) slight nerfs:


Curiously omitted (did not make it to the patch) slight buffs:

Malta (this one is controversial, I know). An equally skilled India, German, French, or British player will almost always win though, for instance.

how did inca and malta got buffed?

Read what I wrote again. I said they were omitted from receiving tiny buffs for some reason. And for some reason India and Brits were able to avoid tiny nerfs.

You may want to rewrite that, it could be interpreted as buffs or nerfs that werent mention in the patch notes


Well, based upon my limited experience online so far, the balance seems to be the best I’ve ever seen in terms of the variety of civs my opponents are now using. Before it was the same few civs/strats over and over and over. Personally, I think China, Sweden and Japan are bogus/OP but as long as I don’t see them much/at all in ranked its fine with me. People complain about British a lot, however I don’t seem to have a problem beating them.


Considering this game has essentially infinite ways to produce new metas, giving it time before calling for nerfs to more civs is a wise thing to do.

Personally i see less sweden, but when i do see them they still feel quite powerful. Probably all the FOTM jumping on hakka bandwagon have now moved on to greener pastures.


Sentinel one population. In early is difficult to use it because you need to build too houses.

They are still powerful because the only change was to one unit. Everyone is investing in other things with their eco now that hakkas are noticeably less viable.

i also think that Feitorias should have only been nerfed at 30% instead of 50%.

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