Current state of competitive play and esports for AoE 2

Hello everyone!

Just wondering how you all feeling about the competitive landscape for AoE 2.

Both online community tournaments and off-line tournaments.

Your thoughts and what you would like to see more?
(Exhibition matches, Off-line tournaments, A Pro-League, small tournaments for mid level ranked players?)

Well, there are alot of mid level tournaments. i have participated in 5 last year. thats the only thing in can comment on from my own expierence. but i guess more could be better :person_shrugging:

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Well, we just had the Wandering Warriors Cup conclude, an S-tier tourney hosted by T90 and Dave. AoE4 is kind of taking some of the attention from the pros, so not as many new tournaments. I honestly don’t care what happens that much, it doesn’t affect me, because I only watch T90 (As far as pro casting goes), so I probably wouldn’t see anything else. I don’t even watch most of the games in any given tournament, because by the end, they tend to be upwards of two hours, and not always interesting. That’s my take.

Considering covid, I feel like it’s really difficult to discuss off-line tournaments right now (and there is only like one Redbull Wololo V last year?)