Cursor problem - too small (almost not visible)

I am not sure if it has something to do with my resolution (3840x2160), but since the second time (first time it was properly sized) I played AoEDE my cursor has become extremely small, it gets to the point when many times I have to just move it around until a tooltip appears and then pinpoint its location. But as I mentioned, first time I played the game the size was totally fine (I was during that first play session adjusting settings though)

Is there any way how I can resize the cursor? I tried switching between fullscreen (albeit it is not an exclusive fullscreen) and windowed mode and different resolutions, cursor size keeps the same however. I did the same for settings such as UI scale, it did not affect the cursor size.

Cursor doesn’t seem to show up on screenshots, so at least to help to understand the scale, here is the photo of the screen

I have marked the cursor with the red circle (it is on the right side of the archer just above the port at the bottom).

I tried to remove the config file, it didn’t help either.

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I have the same issues at 3840x2160. I’ts a problem with windows 10 display scaling. It seems to do it if you choose anything above 100%.

Still however there is a temporary fix. Simply log out and log back in from windows and restart the game. Happens to me all the time. Very annoying.