Custom Campaign Showcase

I am a custom campaign lover and I would love to share all good custom campaigns to players who have similar interest in campaigns.

How to download a custom campaign
Step 1 Go to Main Menu
Step 2 Select the Gear button besides the Xbox button besides your Icon
Step 3 Select Mods
Step 4 From the Mods interface, Select Browse Mods
Step 5 Search for your desire Mod
Step 6 Select your desire Mod and hit subscribe

How to play a custom campaign
Step 1 Go to Main Menu
Step 2 Go to Single Player
Step 3 Go to Campaigns
Step 4 Go to Custom Campaigns
Step 5 Select your desire campaigns and there you go

Video Tutorial

I recommend you search the authors name to find their work.

Work by BassiAoC

Bassi’s campaign are classic build and destroy scenarios with a friendly difficulty to try with. If you like classics from the base game, you certainly will like his work.

  1. The Golden Horde
  2. The Rise of Tamerlane
  3. The Battle of Blue Waters
  4. The Battle of Sighnaq
  5. The Golden Horde 2 The Last Khan
  6. The Rise of Tamerlane 2
  7. The Jarls of Jelling

Work by PhillySouljah/Filthydelphia

Philly’s campaign are usually unorthodox to the classic, it has different gameplay and mechanics and harder than average campaigns.

  1. Valhallas Edge
  2. Blood for the Serpent God
  3. Seljuk Rise of an Empire
  4. Three Kingdoms Cao Cao
  5. A Journey to the West
    (RPG and Puzzle Solving)
  6. Francis Drake on the Spanish Main
  7. Finehair The Conquest of Norway
  8. Komnenos The Byzantine Restoration
  9. City of Peace
    (RPG and Puzzle Solving)
  10. Haiku of the Ronin
  11. Khmer Kings of Old Cambodia
  12. The Last Romans
    (Strongly recommend The Last Romans as the best city defense scenario)
  13. Rise of Genghis Khan
  14. Wreck of Santa Maria
  15. Last Stand at Orkney
  16. Vandals Destroyers of Rome
  17. Kings of West Africa
    (9 scenarios)
  18. The Last Neanderthal
    (RPG and Puzzle Solving)
  19. Three Kingdoms 2 Red Cliff
  20. Three Kingdoms 3
  21. A Curious Incident at the Abbey
  22. Shimazu Daimyo of the Nine Province
  23. Rise of the Khmer
  24. The Anarchy of King Stephen
  25. Ironside

Work by Catscientist282
Catscientist creates long and epic campaigns that tell a detail story. They are classic build and destroy scenarios but beware of the devastating difficulty.

  1. Battle on the Neva River
  2. Khubilai Khan
  3. Reconquista
  4. Arabian conquests
  5. Prince of Russia
  6. Charles Martel Majordom of Franks

Work by HC Team
HC Team are form by several dedicated players to deliver great campaigns experience similar to classic build and destroy with many fun mechanics. Unfortunately, most of these campaign are unavailable in English.

English available:

  1. Vytautas The Great
  2. Belisarius
  3. Harald Hardrada
  4. Bayan Temur King Gongmin of Goryeo

Chinese exclusive:

  1. Ivan 3rd of Russia
  2. Yongle
  3. Margraet 1st
  4. The Rise of Vytautas
  5. Simeon 1st
  6. Chola Dynasty
  7. Shaybani Khan
  8. Louis 1st of Hungary
  9. 卡拉克穆爾 Calakmul
  10. Bani Zaydan
  11. 羅伯特布魯斯 Robert the Bruce
  12. Isabella 1st of Castile

Other honorable mentions of campaigns authors (sorry that I cant include all you guys):

Other honorable mentions of single scenario:

  1. Kaesong 936
  2. Lake Poyang (English available)
  3. Battle of Grandson 1476

Fun fact: Kaesong 936 was planned to be a Korean scenario for the Battles of the Forgotten, while Philliy’s Kings of Africa were intended to be a new set of historical battles for the African Kingdoms expansion but couldn’t be included in time.

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DE devs should include these scenarios/campaign and make them official
Kaesong and Lake Poyang are actually “official” hidden scenarios in previous versions of the game
Voice acting could be included later in the game