Custom Campaign Slideshows

When building custom campaigns, I’ve always wanted to do a slideshow for the History, Victory, and Loss tabs under the Messages tab. I think it would be very possible since it would seem all the assets are already there, they just need to be available in Custom Campaign building under the message tabs. This would mean that the Messages tab would have to be completely overhauled but I think it would be worth it.

When creating a slideshow, you can choose the background of each slide from one of the ones already from the campaigns, select a drawing that is already there in game from the campaigns and History tab at the Main Menu, and then you can have a text box near the bottom of the slide. Background, drawing, text. That’s basically what it would boil down to (from what I see) and like I’ve said already, these backgrounds and drawings are already in the game.


You can already create custom slideshows for your campaigns, but you need to make use of JSON files for that. Subscribe to custom campaigns that make use of it and have a look on the attached JSON files to get an idea of how it is done.

Hi. I’ve done exactly what you advised. However, still it makes me rather more confused. I subscribed one campaign “Vytautas the Great EN” and opened its JSON files. I manipulated some parts and thus, I could realized just a few areas. However, still there were big things to cope with that I couldn’t understand at all. Are there any good guidelines or introduction to JSON files attached to AOE2DE? I’ve already searched all the way on Google and have tried to deal with it all the day… But I didn’t make any meaningful progress.

Well, I’m now thinking that custom campaign developers promised each other not to share how to make custom campaign layouts. There’re already many custom campaign makers but no one has introduced how.

You can read the dictionory of JSON as I sent to you.