Custom campaigns not working properly when loading a saved game

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  • GAME BUILD #: last one, I guess
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Completing a scenario of a custom campaign AFTER loading a previous save does not count for the progress of said campaign.

Whenever I load a save from a custom campaign scenario, winning the scenario will not count as a victory in the campaign played. No ending cutscene, no “next level” button. If I return to the menu for that custom campaign, the next level will not appear; for the game considers that I never beat that scenario, as the reloaded game does not count as part of the custom campaign in question (just as a scenario). Therefore, I cannot make progress in the same campaign if I load a previous save. There are no issues with the progression problems if I play from beginning to end the same campaign

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play a custom campaign (any scenario with a subsequent level)
  2. Save the game, then load that same saved game
  3. Complete the scenario
  4. Next level will not appear as available, as if the previous one had not been completed

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You’d be supposed to keep advancing in the campaign, the next scenario would be immediately available upon completion.

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Example of a custom campaign I’m playing I downloaded from the official mod workshop. In the first four levels I saved and loaded that save at least once before attaining victory. Once done, the next level did not appear in the map, and I used cheat codes to beat the scenarios again and advance further. The fifth scenario was completed in one sit, no reloads (although I did save).

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Yes, hello. Anyone checked on this?

Hi @Rissen6157 !

Can you provide to us a save game that is close to end a custom scenario, and the name of the custom scenario so we can check this?


Can confirm the problem.

I just won the first level of “Princes of Russia” two times in a row and the win was not registerd by the game. In the stats window on the end of the game it clearly shows that I have won but I just can go back to the main screen of the game. Also, when I go back into the campaign I just see the map with the first level.

Hope this will be fixed soon or is there any workaround?

First I thought this scenario may only have one level but that was not true.

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Just noticed in the screenshot from Rissen6157 that it looks different than for me. On my map screen I just see the first level and not the later missions and I am sure that “Pinces of Russia” has more levels. I can’t continue playing since level 2 is not shown at all.

Hi, this is a known issue and is still being tracked.

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I found a kind of work around:

I save the games as normal and win the map in the end legally without cheating.
Afterwards I go back to the campaign map and restart the mission.
With the cheat code “i r winner” I skip the mission without saving and the next level is unlocked on the campaign map.

The only problem is that you won’t get the achievements since technically you were cheating. The non cheating win before is not recognized. But in the end you can start and play all the maps of a custom campaign. That’s what is most important for me.