Custom Campaigns Pack for AoE and Rise of Rome

I do not know where to post it and the AoE heaven forum is a bit dead, so I will share this with you guys here. So what is this?
This is a pack including a campaign of Aoe ROR for each civilization except Minoan and macedon : not all of these are made by me, far from it. I just messed around with the order and the scenarios of a few campaigns to extend them to as many civs as possible.
Note:the phoenician one is a mix of phoenicia and carthage.
Campaign List:

  • A Short history of Lost Sumeria ( by the great Andrea Rosa )
  • Ascent of Egypt ( original )
  • Carthage the Phoenician Supremacy ( i think by nikolol, but modded )
  • Choson Kingdom of the morning calm ( by Eggman )
  • Chou Kung Leader of Shang ( by Ingo van Thiel )
  • Glory of Greece (modded )
  • Pax Romana (modded)
  • Reign of Persia ( Old Reign of Hittites Modified )
  • Rise Of Rome ( modded )
  • Splendour of Palmyra ( by Pacino, modded )
  • Underhand dealings from the hatti archive ( again from Andrea Rosa )
  • Voices of Babylon ( slightly modded )
  • Yamato empire of the rising sun ( original )

INSTALL: move all of your original campaigns ( in the Age of empires/campaign directory) and keep them in a separate folder. Then unzip this file into the same original Age of empires/campaign folder and play the game!

So most of the work you see in there was done by other people, i’m just the one condensing it into a single .zip :smiley: Glad to share it! Also you are free to remodify or post suggestions and feedback here as you like.


Alright, really cool! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: I’ll take a look when I have some time.

Definitely we need a thread with the most memorable fan made scenarios/campaing… So much people need to know this! Thanks for sharing it!


Here’s hoping we start seeing some good mods trickling into this forum once the first of our three DE games launches.

Ingo van Thiel and Andrea Rosa are two of the greatest original AoE campaign/map designers ever. They did some awsome stuff with the old map editor.

About the ones made by Ensemble Studios, the original AoE vanilla (including AoE Trial’s) campaign together with AoE 3 vanilla campaign are my favorite official campaigns in age series.

“The Savages” campaign… Just maps filled with clubmen lol.

I liked the long walk style missions from the original campaigns :slight_smile: They are like little puzzle maps where there are lots of little sections to complete.

Some of the best work RoR scenarios and campaigns have to offer

Thanks for sharing! There are some really nice campaigns! :slight_smile:

@“Andy P” said:
Here’s hoping we start seeing some good mods trickling into this forum once the first of our three DE games launches.

I hope that too!

I’m currently working on a seleucid campaign. The final version includes 8 mission from Seleucus I. until the end of the seleucid kingdom. Until now there are 4 missions complete (they are still being tested). I have attached the current “beta” version with the 4 missions. I would appreciate, if somebody would test them and give me feedback :slight_smile:

The bit maps in the scenario descriptions are missing and also the scenario descriptions are just including the win conditions and hints for now. Also the last mission in this version is not on the right place chronologically, that won’t be the case in the final version!

Hope some of you try the beta version :slight_smile:

Just so you guys know: AoEH will be ready to accept any AoE DE submission to our vast downloads section once the game is launched. This includes scenario’s, campaigns, mods, everything that is supported. You won’t need to rely solely on the “DE workshop” to get your fix :wink:

@“Decius Flavius” just downloaded your beta campaign; i’m going to try it as soon as i can :smile:

@PhatFish Good to know. I appreciate the work done by AoEH, especially the scenario design articles and the ai and per editor, which I’m currently experimenting :slight_smile: I hope Andrea Rosa, Ingo and some more make a return!

@Totalste Thank you very much :slight_smile: I hope the first mission is clear enough, because finding siege weapons after finding your city is essential (I should add a hint more^^). The other missions should be easier to unpuzzle. Looking forward to your feedback :slight_smile:

@“Decius Flavius” So I played your campaign, here’s my thoughts:

  • The first three scenarios are really great! Map design is beautiful, the difficulty is hard but not impossible ( played on moderate ). The objectives are pretty straightforward, however some of the hints are still in german and i’m not very fluent in it :smiley:
  • The final scenario kind of disapppoints me. Feels too blank and i cannot understand the geography of the map. Where is it supposed to take place? I like the setting though; the second syrian war really was the last hurrah for the seleucids
  • I’m not a fan of starting in early ages in the campaigns, considering that the facts depicted here are well into the Iron Age. I understand the gameplay reason ( like in the original campaigns ) but ,personally, i do not like it.

All things considered i think there are a lot of great ideas here. With a couple of more scenarios, a bit more polish and some bitmaps we finally could have the ultimate macedonian campaign!

Thanks again for your constructive feedback and praise! :slight_smile: You got me there on the fourth mission :smiley: It´s a just redesigned multiplayer scenario from me^^ Its inspired by the roman campaign mission of queen zenobia, but I will sort it out and make a new one to better reflect the second syrian war!

I will make more different objectives in the future and also vary a bit in the mission design. I understand your opinion about the early ages. But you already mentioned the gameplay reasons. I will let the player start in the upcoming missions at least in bronze age or in iron age. So in the end you will start only in two out of eight missions in the tool age, when i’m finished.

The most challenging part for me will be the bitmaps and a proper english translation of the history part^^ (Sorry for the german hints, Ioverlooked them).

My goal was to finish the campaign before the release of the Definitive Edition, but there’s currently a lot of studying for me to do, so I guess I will finish and release it as an DE Campaign. Because I sadly don’t know, if the new editor supports still the map design possibilities of the original editor (shallow water as swamp, streets, desert patches, grass clumps, predefined AI’s, old custom made AI’s, etc.), I have unfortunately to wait until release, before I can continue at least in a slower rate my work.

Your feedback will definitely influence my further campaign design positive and I’m lucky, that you see that much potential in it! :slight_smile:

Would also be happy, if more people test the missions! :slight_smile:

Can someone explain how to download this?

As far as i know, anyone can play any scenario from RoR on DE and it will run normally

But how can i download this campaign files? i m new on this forum

Here on the official mods page (you need to login with outlook/hotmail account just like here on forum)

(you must download the file and follow the instruction where to paste the .scn or .cpn/cpx file)

And here as some old campaigns you can try too


Is this still working?
I was not able to find the mentioned campaigns.