Custom Game GUI critique

I’d argue that the custom game GUI deserves some more love. Currently, out of the 3 tabs: Overview, Game Mode, and Map, the Map tab is the only one that gets highlighted when selected.
Furthermore, I’d argue that the GUI is inefficient and redundant, and more options should be accessible straight from the overview. At the moment, from the default Overview position, if we identify that we want to change map, we can’t just click it and have it changed. We have to switch to the “Map” tab. The map tab being in a different location than the overview window of “map” adds unnessicary clutter. Then, we have to press another button “map” whilst the picture of the map itself is unclickable in the map- tab.

I’d suggest that we remove the tabs and have them accessible through the overview panel, with a “<<<” back option. As of now, the overview shows most game stats, but you can’t smoothly move from overview to the option tabs.

When a game is hosted, you can’t leave it automatically while trying to join another game. When you’ve played a custom game and re-enter the custom games tab, the list of games displayed is outdated, leading you to potentially click a game to get a loading screen, to then get an error message. It would be much smoother to not have any games displayed rather than fake games displayed upon re-entering the custom games section after a game, especially one longer than 5-10 minutes.

You can invite friends to join your game, but you cannot join the game a friend is in, even if it’s a public lobby. It’s more common to want to join a friend than wanting to invite one, since the sooner comes with guaranteed intention of the joiner, where the second doesn’t. I’m heavily in favour of getting a “join friend” option.

Furthermore, I consider it a nessecity for the host to be able to change teams of players. As of now, when hosting team games, ffa, etc, you have to kick people that don’t comply to the suggested format. Adding more priviliges to the host would make hosting games less crude.


admittedly this was getting called out by many, myself included, for over a year to no avail
i agree its cumbersome for no reason and should be made into 1 panel (except ofc map selection screen), its part of this games as i like to call it “s u bpanel sydrome”

(as you can tell from how i formed the text, the devs don’t wanna hear it, hence the censoring)


as ive said before. custom game should be the main and only mode for team games.

while quicksearch should instead join custom game lobbies that meets criteria.

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Subpanel syndrome.

(that’s just a test)

Yep looks good. The forum autocensor picks up on some weird things, and it’s often corrected as and when people report on it. It has nothing to do with the developers themselves.

(I’m assuming you were being serious and not making some weird dig at the devs lol)

Anyhow, while I like the panels in the in-match game UI, I agree with a lot of the suggestions in the OP about the game setup screens and general UX flow. There’s a lot of unnecessary back and forth, and while I appreciate the need to use the space, the transitions and navigation need work.

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dw digging at devs isn’t my thing, just thinking the panel as is could use a rework, as op says, too much needless clicking (unless the reason for this is the upcoming xbox port, that’d explain things)

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As someone who does a lot of work on cross-device displays, I can see that, but even if it’s too much work to maintain, there should be things they can do on the PC client with regards to UX flow.

There’s a lot that can be done tbh. Like how there’s no shortcut to close any modal. That one’s always bugged me :smiley:

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i really wish we could use esc to exit the panels back to menu, like old days


The worst of all is how the game keeps kicking group members out of the group for anything they do. You finish a game " you hit quit?" If you are not a host you leave the group and there are many other instances in which this happens. It is pure headache. And this applies to all modes not just custom.


well disbanding lobbies when game is finished is without a doubt intentiona

What lobbies? I am talking about party/group members.

still similar logic in the background, this isn’t by accident, most games these days do a variant of either