Custom Games?

Just curious when this feature is available, im excited to see custom games in aoe 4.

When it does happen would there be a way without making it from scratch to add some cool features
( i have a custom game idea in mind but i dunno how realistic it would be )

AoE 2 Projectiles ( the ones that naturally miss )

Evasion Chance ( Like Path of Exile )

Mana Bar for casters ( Like Warcraft 3 )

Burrow / Burrow Move ( like Starcraft 2 ? )

Unique Defense Types on the UI like ( Fire Resistance / Siege Damage Reduction )

and so on…

its 2022 and im sure the custom tools will have many of these featuers i just hope they are easy to make.
my child inside me whom played RTS games growing up always wanted to make a mash of these features , somehow

anyway i think it would help with the AoE 4 traction the sooner we get customs game tools, havent playing as much lately as i just get smashed i just want to play custom casuals

any other features someone is hoping for when the custom games come

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Mana Bar??? i know healing units with monks feels like magical but MANA BAR is completely out of the scope of the game imo

Except for evasion chance and Mana bar and burrow move. I agree with other features.

As it is not a fantasy genre, AOE4 does not need any mana bar, evasion.

warcraft 3 had some amazing Lord of the RIng custom games, im sure people will make Lord of the Ring custom battles here too ! just wishful thinking , need them spell bars also i hope they dont lose focus on AoE 4 if they do acquire Activision Blizzard, i feel they might keep it seperate if they anticipate an RTS title from that division which would take probably much more time to release * if there is one *

AoE 4 i am convinced will be a banger, especially with the more content they push, just hope the acquisition doesnt hinder the creativity or divide attention and focus for the RTS