Custom Graphics Dont Show

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People who play mods, often can not see custom graphics. Sometimes it helps bringing mod priority all the way up. But this can’t be done while in lobby. Also some people do not speak english.
Please fix this bug. It has been bugging us modders for months now…

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Very often

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75% of times

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Host Horde survival mod or Cannibal escape, or any mod with custom graphics
  2. dont put mod priority all the way up
  3. start the game. now there is a big chance you can not see custom graphics.

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Yes, this happens extremely often. It seemed to start around the same time that people stopped being able to see custom graphics when spectating too.


this bug has been around for at least half a year now, can we please get a fix?

many have to restart the game to be able to see them again, that is simply unacceptable, it should just work as long as they are subscribed to the mod.

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this is how it looks for many players
they can not even see the pyramid they defend…

@Felizon89 is this one tracked yet? I have similar experience as well

Yes, this is tracked already, anyway I added the info from this post to the ticket.

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