Custom Hotkeys: one building hotkey instead of 4 separated age tabs (solution? / work around?)

Hi there,

is there any way or work around to get a custom hotkey layout without these 4 separated age sections?

HRE Stable: “w” + “s”
Mongol stable: “q” + “s”

Can i change it somehow to always be “w” + “s” for every civ?
I’m using all Hotkey shortcuts only for one building type, therefore i dont need/want this “q - w -e - r” building system,
Im searching a global building hotkey like always “w” + “building”

Any way to achieve that?

sadly, no, wish it was there but it ain’t

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Well that sucks. Im sometimes stuck in the wrong building tab in the heat of the battle .
Tried already binding all sections to the same hotkey, but after that only the first age tab works even with unique building hotkeys.
If i dont bind the menu keys it doesnt work at all with only unique building hotkeys.

Thinking about making ~4 different Macro sets for my keyboard for different civs. But that is a lot of work and feels like cheating.