Custom Missions

I am listing here some great custom missions created by community for everyone to enjoy. All of them are great and people should them try them out. If you found more feel free to add them.

Mod links dont work. So you need to copy mission names from here and paste it in ingame mod manager search bar


Here are the interesting missions :


The Rocroi Battle 1643

The Siege of Vienna 1529

Defence of Multan 1306

Siege of Rhodes 1522

The First Crusade , Jerusalem

The Siege Of Breda 1624

Blockade at Salerno 999

The english invasion

Agincourt 1415

I will update this thread every time new custom missions are added to.

Here are the artists who made the arts. Type their name in search bar to see which missions they made :

  • image FoxPlot

  • image NTL

  • image sebgrinke

  • image marcora204

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