Custom Random Map Transfer Broken - Receivers Cannot Host

I am a Random Map maker and it is frustrating that other players cannot host my maps that they enjoy. Please could this issue be resolved so I can continue to design interesting maps for others to enjoy. I have stopped making Random Maps due to this bug so would greatly appreciate a fix.

Game Version:

  • Both pre patched and post patched - bug confirmed in both versions


Players receiving custom random maps cannot in turn host them.

Reproduction Steps:

  • Host custom Random Map
  • Joining player downloads map and can play with host
  • Joined player likes the map and tries to host the map they received - The map does not appear.

Steps to fix

Simply make the random map browser include maps directly in the rm2 folder as that is where transferred maps go to. That is all that is required to fix the issue! :slight_smile:

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This is still broken on 2.7