Custom Ranked DM

Omg YES! I hope this eventually leads to a FFA ELO ladder!!!

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I really hope they wont go mad on ranked lobbies, like voobly did. That was a really bad experience. MM was a huge improvement. I really hope that wont changed back in the future.

I am glad for DM that they will have their own community to still play their beloved DM games.

Why not keep all 3? Make everybody happy?

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In my opinion, DM is the worst version of AoE2 and it doesn’t deserve its own rank ladder. This game mode takes everything that is great about AoE2 away and replaces it with spam fest.
I would like also to use this comment to mention the biggest problem of the rank queue at the moment. Players who leave the match right after it has been found because they do not want to play on a certain map. My friend and I have had a situation where we wanted to play Socotra 2v2 and we played only once because 7 other times opponents left right after the match was found. This is happening even in 1v1 more and more often. The worst part is that there is no punishment for such behaviour and I am asking why?

looking forward to EW rankeds