Custom Scenario player slot bug

Game Version:

  • Build (Current version as of 8-1-2019)
  • Platform (Steam)


Hosting a preset scenario with different player colours (ie: player in slot 1 not being blue) gives players with colours the starting resources of the player in the ‘‘correct’’ colour slot
this occurs regardless of team positions, rest of settings were kept on default (ie: load scenario and dont change anything)

this seriously screws over a lot of preset maps because players are now forced to play as the order they enter the lobby or it may break, it also means the host can never play anything other than player 1.
i just found that it breaks the starting resources but if i found this in 5 minutes it may affect other things aswell as it seems to grab the wrong playersettings

Reproduction Steps:

A. done on Romans vs Barbarians v2, p1 has no resources in this, and other players have nomad start, also created a custom scenario with a similar setup for testing.

  1. Host the scenario (this puts you in slot 1, with player 1’s intended starting resources)
  2. Switch colour to 6 (or any of the others with a nomad start)
  3. Start scenario and find you have 0 resources
full list of screenshots and multiple examples displaying this bug