Custom Scenario Survey - Understanding the AoE II DE playerbase

Hello, fellow readers. By stumbling upon this thread you have proved that you are involved and invested in the AoE II community and possibly wish to shape its future. I would like to first state, that this is a community survey and not by any means an Official one. Though, I am sure you are aware that there are always dozens, maybe even hundreds of people working behind the scenes that create content for the community and perhaps interacting with them is difficult or near impossible. Or simply you did not know they even existed.

So without further delay, a survey is here for you - the player.

By taking the time to fill out the form you can possibly guide the hands of some or few scenario designers. Maybe even contributing a whole idea on which light shines upon for the first time. Either way, your feedback is much welcome.

Edit: This a public survey, so anyone can see the results after submitting their answers.


You can see the live analytics of the submitted answers so far at

I took it and I found it a fun survey to do.

ghengis khan was the most irritating campaign ever played

whoever put that in the campaign free form

you are a legend 11

Ah, yes. The dreaded Chinese wonder has probably defeated many players.

Into China was the only difficult one.

funny thing i thought all of them were hard

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I will be locking the survey in 24 hours, last chance to make your voice heard for now, if you have anything to say to scenario designers. This will most likely not be the last interaction. Rumour has it that there is going to be a lot more interaction from henceforth, perhaps even some streams and/or other activities by scenario designing community or people in it.

Will you post the results here?

Sure, I can post some sort of a summary.

Note: Some of the images that are restricted by the forum page borders can be clicked and thus enlarged.

And so this small survey comes to an end, with it my evil-small experiment concludes. The public aim was to generate some feedback or information about custom scenarios and campaigns or scenario design in general. However, the hidden goal I had in my mind was to test the community’s voice.

Expand to read the rest of the Foreword

As the chosen topic was quite obscure a whopping 172 people responded. A fair estimate I would give is that about 15 to 25% found it relevant to them. The remaining chose to engage with the content regardless, because they either felt it was a progressive step to take and possibly offering something good in return for the game or the community itself.

For a common cause - in this case just acquiring information, the few of you have decided to use your voice with the hope of future change (we will see about that). By uniting ones voice with many others there is a high chance to get something done, something great. A collective voice reaches further than one chirping in a forum post with a high chance never to be seen by anyone relevant… A collective voice is easier to observe, yet harder to maintain and direct, therefore many have to invest time. I thank thee for that whom invested theirs.

Now, there have been surveys targeted at AoE2 players before that have acquired a lot more responses than this one. Polls pop up every now and then. Though, to be frank it surprises me that the developers of this game have only really utilised Ranked Map Rotation polling to talk to their players. Every other form of feedback seems to only come in the form of a complaint, insiders whispering in the developers ears or every now and then a lucky suggestion thread that gets crowds flocking to it and due to it there is no option to ignore it, as the hand has been forced to act.

In my opinion you can consider the lack of communication as wasted potential. I am sure that more than 50% of the playerbase would not even respond to an official survey, but regardless the ones that would respond can generate so much useful information and feedback - a gold mine not exploited for some reason.

Anywho, let us see what content You - the 172 involved in the community generated.

Expand Section 1 - Generic Questions

  • The bias of UK and EU West comes from the option of multiple choices being allowed and some small effort from me by appeasing to some of my contacts (that situate mainly in EU).

  • Figures, most here just want to play, but a lot in the other hand are limited to certain times. (sadface)

During a week I play

  • Some rare hardcore gamers have found the survey and cast their input, now-now raise your hands who did it so. The rest seem to hover around 1 to 3 hours per day for the duration of a week. Though it is possible that some only play all their hours on the weekends and some exclusively during the week.

  • Now this is probably the most interesting chart for me among the Generic Questions, since it clearly highlights that the people most involved in the community are old timers (even if they may be outnumbered by the growth since 2013 and 2019). I imagine the willingness to be involved and invested in the community heavily increases over time and the wish to see the game continue into the long future inspires a lof of these old timers.

Most of my games are played in

  • I am glad to see that about one third of the responses mainly play SP, as it hopefully reflects in relevant and/or meaningful answers in the Campaign section.

  • Surprise-surprise neither of the two new game modes has managed a single response in favour for them, getting one DM response was interesting to see, but then again it is not as popular in DE and nor they were the target group of this survey.

This percentage of my games are Ranked

  • Almost half the responders never play Ranked or play it very rarely. While the other hundred are spread out among the divisions given. Possibly illustrating that the old timers find playing Ranked games less important than enjoying the game itself as a whole.

This concludes Generic Questions section.

Expand Section 2 - Campaigns

I will try the new Co-op Campaigns

  • A question I felt relevant due to the upcoming update. There have been a lot of colourful threads and opinions in the past for the release of Battle Royale and Empire Wars, though almost always more than half cared not. It is encouraging to see that there is interest for Co-op Campaigns, a very few custom co-op ones exist in the past and of course various RPGs. I personally like the shift towards catering to the many casual people who come to enjoy campaigns, or Single-Player, or just want to play with friends - this would offer exactly that.
  • The amount of who chose “No” are fairly close to the amount who play 91 to 100% games as Ranked. You have been spotted!

  • A healthy scene of Campaign completion, I must admit that I myself am very poor at completing them and have played only AoK, AoC, AoF and AoAK ones properly and to be fair AoK and AoC ones were never properly completed until 2014-2015ish.

The next question was the following:
You are tasked with designing a Campaign, who or what event would it be about?

1st Crusade 1096 AD
1st-2nd century Christians
30 year war in central europe
3th  crusade
A civ of the players choice conquering all others for world domination
a civ that currently lacks a campaign 
A historical war most likely
A RPG like campagne
about a campain where you fight for the Byzantine empire or something where you fight as a King as a vassal
About the Spanish Wars against Low Countries or Simon de Montfort and the Albigensian Crusade
age of alien defense. how man evolved to defend aliens
Alexander the Great
Alexios Comnenos (Byz restoration)
All Crusades
All kinds of Crusades, battles in Central Europe
Belisarius or Heraculus 
Bjorn Ironside (his raids on the Mediterranean)
Brian Boru (Celts) or some campaign for civ that hasn't had one yet(Mayans, Japanese, Koreans, Chinese etc.)
British Occupation of Ireland
Byzantine Empire
Ceasar's story
Chimú, Wari, Chanka
Completely made up history.
Conflict beetwen Poles and Teutonic Order
Considering it's AoE2 recent events are out of question, so I have no idea
Constantine I
Corsica, possibly
Counts of Cilli
CRUSADES man, but I think I would prefer to make 6-7 Individual Battles all within Europe, specially Western Europe (Spain, Britain, France)
Don't know
don't know what exist already 
Don’t know 
dunno, probably something about duke Domagoj of Croatia, but does it even matter about who or what it is if playing the campaign feels like torture
Early rise of the Ottoman empire (culminating with the Fall of Constantinople)
Eric the red
Estonian world domination
Fall of Byzantine Empire
Fantasy RPG single player scenario, already got one in the work
Fantasy world of my own
Feudal Japan
Fighting a historical battle
First Crusade
Flanders VS France
Flemish revolution
Genpei Wars
Germanic tribes 
Han-Xiongnu War
Harald Hardrada
Harald Hardrada
Harald Hardråde 
Historic event with some made-up twist
Historical battle
historical fiction/pure fiction
history of the crusades against constantinople
Honestly no idea, some major historic battle
hungarian campaign
I don't know
I dont know
I just published one, on Huns before Attila
I mainly have ideas for a single scenario, likely without historical background.
I wouldnt 
I'd like more Meso-american campaigns
Id focus on the challenge of level desigm before lore. Idk.
idc as long as its with friends
Improving skills in multiplayer
It can be anything
It would be about th Mayans.
King Charles the 1st
Kublai Khan's conquest or more of Mongols post 
La Grande Jacquerie
Lady Cofitachequi
Lord of the Rings
Magyar's kalandozasok (raids into western europe and Byzantine Empire)
Maratha empire of India
Middle East
Mongolian Invasions to Japan
Münster rebellion
Muslim conquest of the Maghreb
my own work of ficton, unrelated to history
My wife
Never played them
No idea
no idea what's already present to think what else i want, besides I'm not much interested in campaigns to answer this question
No idea, not really interested
No one
Northern crusades 
Not any in particular, but preferably about new civs or civs that doesn't have a campaign of their own (Celts, Chinese, Turks, etc.).
NOt much
One of he civs that don't get a campaign yet, like Vikings Chinese Japanese
Ottoman empire
Otton 1rst
Persians vs 300(spartans)
Portuguese History
Portuguese invading Brazil with their diplomats
proaably the map im working on that will never get finished
Probably about a civ that have no campaign yet (not Lithuanian since they'll have one soon). Maybe Persian or Chinese, for having lot's of different opponents/victory conditions
Probably something in Europe
Probably something regarding the mongol empire 
Ragnar Lothbrok
Really no clue
Rise of Rome
Rise/expansion of Song Empire 906-976AD
Robert the Bruce
roll the dice
Rollo becoming Duke of Normandy, or the Imjin war from the Japanese perspective 
Roman Empire Fall
Sack of Rome in 1527
Some ficitoanal/fantasy rpg/fixed force
Some historical battle or personality thats missing from the official game campaigns.
some stupid freky thing like cannibal escape
someone from a chinese era (dont know the names)
Something about the Viking Era and Viking Raids of olden times.
Something about Western Europe between centuries XX-XII
Something india or africa
Spanish reconquista, however It would extend over a few centuries
Sun Tzu
Teutonic Order Invasion of Russia
Th Great Heathen Army (and possibly the establishment of the Danelaw)
The baltic/northern crusade
The Battle of the Golden Spurs
The Bruce Invasion of Ireland
the crusades
The fall of the Byzantine Empire
The Great Emu War
The Ottomans and Siege of Constantinople
The Slavs against the Mongols
The Spanish reconquista
The time thanos came down and snapped his fingers, or when that really big guy with the ring started smashing poeple left and right with his mace until some kid chopped off his hand
The Wars of the Roses
Tvrtko I of Bosnia
Umayyad Conquests
Varus Battle against the germanic Tribes
Viking exploits to Sicily
Warring States Japan
yer maw
  • What stood out for me the most were the ideas for Vikings. They never received a proper official one and perhaps now it is time to give Custom Campaigns a go. Try out what is available in the Mod Workshop? I am sure some of these ideas could be appeased already.
  • Feel free to acknowledge the lazy-fun answers and give them praise, as this was a required (intentionally made so) some people who lacked the spark of ideas simply had no choice to enter something else here.

The next question was the following:
What is your most favourite Campaign? (skippable)

Alaric in DE
Anything Bulgarian
Atilla the Hun
Atilla the Hun campaigns
Attila or Kotyan 
Attila the hun
Attila the Hun 
Attila the Hun.
Bari and Saladin
cannibal escape
citadel vs kingdom of abuki
Custom campaign, Lord Basse's Gwindlegard series
Dracula, Bari...
Frederic Barbarossa
frederic Barbarossa
Frederick Barbarossa
Fredrick Barbarossa
Genghis Kahn
Genghis Kahn
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan (epic campaign) and Bari (I like challenges, no catwalks)
Genghis, Attila, Suryavarman I
Gjengis khan
Goth campaign
Grand Dukes of the West
Grand Dukes or Attila
hd campagin of itlay or something that de doesnt have
Historical battles one innit
Huns, and Sicilians
i liked the Rise of rajas and i love the Gaja Mada Campaign
Ivaylo / Dracula
Jean d'arc
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc
Kommemnos - Byzantine Restoration
Kotyan Khan
Kotyan Khan
Kotyan Khan
Kotyan Khan
No one
Pax Romana
Probably the Barbarossa campaign
Sicely one
The African Kingdoms campaigns
The Hautevilles
The Hautevilles
The Slavic one where you get free units and I don't have to do "work"
Vlad dracul 
William Wallace
William Wallace
William Wallace
William Wallace
William Wallace Ultra Hardcore
  • William Wallace going strong. A lot of the AoK/AoC Campaigns have received praise. Could it be that the newer ones are just not good enough? Or do the old ones seem much dearer to us now then they really are? Personally I loved Barbarossa for the reason of simply ending up with the Emperor in a Barrel unit, that just made it perfect. Honourable mentions that shine as bright as the old campaigns would be Hautevilles, Ivaylo and Kotyan Khan. Perhaps you should play these next, if you have not completed them already?

The next question was the following:
What do you like the most about Campaigns? (skippable)

A more immersive experience 
Atmosphere, epic battles, variety in objectives, secondary objectives
Build and destroy
Campaign witu good storyline
Can be played at my own pace; are more unpredictable than random matches; some are elaborately designed and make one rethink what is possible with the scenario editor
Can't tell only one
comparatively chill gameplay/ nostalgia 
Conocer historia
Creative and fun mechanics
Custom contents are diverse
Destroying big cities
Different ways to play and win
doing objectives, story, gameplay
Elements of surprise
Every campaign is different, the eye-candy maps, original victory condition, original army composition
Exclusive features (e.g. when aztecs turn horses into xolotl warriors at montezuma's campaign)
Fair challenge without frustration
Gameplay and cool little gimmicks, like no farms in Ivaylo 1
Good design in order to force you to play to the strengths of your faction (aka Alaric campaign emphasising the Goth spam)
Having to think completely differently to normal RM, in terms of objectives, eco management, army compositions etc.
Historical aspect
Historical background
Historical content
Historical Content
Historical Storytelling
History references and cutscenes
How the campaigns tech/units limitations or custom units changes the gameplay
How they tell a story
I like mix of hero and build-eco style with innovative approach (like Sicilian campaign, where you can train your hero by killing enemies -it makes player more attached to main character)
i like to play them a bit historical and then i play my favourite again with just booming a lot 
I used to play campaigns to learn what a civ can do/ cannot do vs specific matchups & because i like learning a bit of history here and there
I usually enjoy playing challenging campaigns, I can get frustrated a lot but it feels pretty rewarding managing to beat a hard mission.
idk they are very boring
Immerse myself in other worlds
Immersion and history through story telling.
immersion of historical feeling; nuance of emotions
Learn history through them, even do it's simplified while having fun and having a sensation of achievement.
Learning history, playing hard scenarios
more realistic/enjoyable gameplay 
narrative and gameplay
No campaings yo can use other units
Not playing them 
Replayability, complexity
Reply historical events
Role play
Scenarios ambience
Side objectives, and lots of them
Story and historical background
Story and unic maps/units
Story and unique scenario only units and tech
Structured and has achivable goals
the community
The goals that you do not find in a regular game, the feeling that you are influencing the fates of people (even though you actually aren't), the personalities that the computers have (what units they make, how aggressive they are), and the ability to ally with people by doing something.
The Hero Characters and the Details in the Maps
The historical context and interesting objectives/map design
The history 
The history/stories.
the map design
The Maps
The narrative aspect, how it gives meaning to the battles
The original voice dialogues
The playing in history 3
the settings and their approach to the story
The stories they provide, and interesting gameplay
The story
The story and history at the start and end
The story and history behind it.
The story, the gimmicks in the scenarios and the representation of the civilization 
The story.
The varied gameplay
The variety of challenges 
The variety they offer; I like Campaigns which offer a change from a regular AoE2 random map style with build and destroy/fixed force/escort missions
There are more things to discover, a memorable example is Joan of Arc 1 though I usually prefer missions where I can build up this one is still great.
there is a civ named abuki's
They have a story.
They way they can teach
To offer fair challenges and interesting and diverse situations (encourage the player to make use of the strengths of a civ in numerous situations). 
Unique and interesting challenges
Variability during scenarios, changing tasks and alliances, arabic landscape
Variety of enemies, interesting objectives, secondary objectives, getting to try out the civ and make use of its bonuses
Variety of mechanical experiences and the stories
Variety to achieve a win and challenge
When I walk around and other units join my force
when they're not in aoe2
  • History and story seems to speak to the players the most, however I do feel like nifty objectives and tricks or unexpected events only contribute to the magic of history and the stories we know today. Though, I do understand experiencing it for the first time, learning it the first time leaves an important affection that will be hard to remove later on, if at all.

The next question was the following:
I would play Campaigns more, if they had this in them (skippable)

 more action, more beginner friendly, coop
1st-2nd century AD dating
A bit easier. The difference between normal and hard is pretty small
A more complex story line
A very hard challenge.
achievements to try and get
Better cutscenes, differing a bit more in terms of faction design from the standard skirmish match
Better Dialogue!
British, palms, oasis, Crusader missions
Cash prizes 
Co-Op & better AI
Controllable Gaia units
custom balancing, faster pace, some actual challenge, something that would force people into action and punish them for being stationary (booming and ■■■■), more limited resources, "randomly" spawning reinforcements (like in some AoM campaigns which are way more fun than any aoe2 campaigns btw), short cutscenes (I'm pretty sure this is impossible with aoe2 engine tho), trebuchets that threw villagers instead of rocks (there was a voobly mod for it and it makes campaigns much more enjoyable)
Diffrent ends or ways to win.
Epic fights (predetermined units) / defend the spot
Good pacing, it doesn't have to be short but it shouldn't feel like a drag where you're just waiting until you have enough units or similar.
Good stories
Grindy gameplay - this happens in many campaigns and it is hard to prevent - when you are just stuck in a situation where everyone is attacking you, you are defending and only slowly advancing. In particular, this is a problem of infinite spam games.
Harder AI
High Scores, Timers, Challenges
Human opponents (AI are too easy) 
I feel some (especially newer) campaigns can be too grindy when the ai has infinite spam.
i hate Campaigns which you have to walk around with making villigers bc i suck at it
I play campaigns a lot, if they had less endless spam of units I can see other people playing them more.
I play them alot
I would love a hardcore 20 scenario campaign
I'd play them even more often if 2/3 of them weren't just greedy boom into knight swarm
if competition between two players was better
If I had more time LUL
If the AI wouldn't be so predictable and exploitable.
if they had aod vs abuki's
If they were easy.
If they were more challenging
Interesting gameplay rather than chores. I macro enough in ranked
Larger pop limits, smaller sucks butt
Less "keep-random hero alive-or-lose"
less infinite spam; no insanely large map (Yes, less York City)
More alliances and/or dialogue. Sometimes it feels like you're on your own with multiple faceless enemies.
More challenge
More challenging AI and overall good scenario design (no infinite reources / infinite spam)
More difficulty (most official campaigns are sort of easy) and less disruptive gimmicks (too many RPG elements, giving to a civ too many units/techs/mechanics that aren't usually available to them; poorly designed maps).
More fixed force battles. 
More frequent official campaigns with achievements and interesting periods of history
More innovative approach like first, second missions of Cumans or hero-leveling system like sicilians. I also like, when player has given choices, which makes different outputs - like making some enemies or allies
More interesting features like the custom Byzantine campaign with taxes 
more mechanics
More of a challenge, less of build for 20 mins then stomp enemy
More plot twists
more RPG elements and unique stuffs like what modders do, less RTS and B&D
More than 5 missions, a bigger scope, and better/fulfilling last missions *cough* *cough* El Cid, Ivaylo *cough* *cough*
More unique ways to play IE Korean choosing where to go in the last scenario, or the first and last Hautville missions
More variety in gameplay
Multiplayer capability, don't just Co-op
multiplayer, let me play with my friends please!
PPL IN  THEM or if i created it(but still i dont play cpagins )
Replayability, like changing factions (see Three Kingdoms from PhillySouljah)
replayvalue : differnt paths to take
Scenarios completable in about an hour without prior scenario knowledge
Side-objectives, multiple ways to play
simple and fun
The feeling of progression and improvement I get from multiplayer
We always need more campaigns (maybe more achivment with specific condition too fulfill ?)
  • I would summarise a lot of the feedback as “add more replayability”. Most campaigns we have today have a very strict story. You play it through once most likely. The story does not change, it is not dynamic, there are not that many side-objectives, sometimes you can complete the objectives in a different order, but you really cannot end up with different outcomes besides winning or losing. A lot more work would be required to have more dynamic campaigns, but perhaps that should be the future?

The next question was the following:
Free form entry about Campaigns (skippable)

abuki's best civ ever
At least one campaign for each of the civs, in which the civ potential can be learnt
Campaigns are great!
Campaigns are the best 
Campaigns make up a lot of what I do in AoE as I do not play multiplayer, so I hope they improve them in future months.
ghengis khan was the most irritating campaign ever played
Have completed all campaigns 2-8 times, 75% of them on Hard with recent AI versions
Haven't played them since 2000s played all of them then
I even created a spreadsheet with all the campaigns in chronological order here's the link:
I haven't played all official campaigns but I have played several custom campaigns
I play lots of Custom Scenarios.
I would appreciate more comprehensive 1) guides for the creators (there is no normal guide how to create slides, background map and especially publishing the scenario, which took me like two days), 2) tools for creators (such as a graphic editor for slides, map, built in AI editor, etc)
I would love to see every crusade in a campaign
I'd love to have the classic campaigns remastered for good, like with a real hard dificulty (I'm talking Bari 4th level of challenge). For an experienced player the old AoC and AoK campaigns are just too easy.
idk what this means, if it means say whatever I think then I got nothing
Kinda over them 
Make the Hastings civ Sicilians already
People who make diplo maps for multiplayer should try out making a campaign.
Playing campaigns in aoe2 mostly feels like a slow grind where you mostly do "nothing" for 20 minutes and then just run over everything with massive armies (at least in the ones I've played), I also think that introducing the random cost mod into the campaigns and if it was somehow possible to change stuff like gather speed on villagers for different resources it would make the experience a little bit more challenging and therefore a little bit more fun, in my opinion... KEEP IN MIND I don't enjoy playing aoe2 campaigns and even if I did it's still more enjoyable for me to play campaigns from games like Empire Earth and then slowly descend into complete frenzy because the game was released in 2001 and I've had my 40th crash in the same campaign game and then hopelessly read trough the code for the next 2 hours trying to fix that ■■■■ :)
RPG based scenarios (some of the forgotten campaigns of the HD version), aren't bad per-se, but they feel slow and they're pretty annoying to re-play sometimes. I'm also not a fan of unnecessary long missions (due to endless spam of units) that drag the mission for too long (I'm not a fan of saving, I prefer to finish a mission in one sitting).
Starcraft II respawns its hero, so if you accidentally lose track of it you don't suddenly lose.

This concludes the Campaign section.


Crashed over the limit of 32000 characters by 56k total and had to split the posts. Have fun reading!

Expand Section 3 - Custom Scenarios

  • I do too secretly 11 when CS lobbies do not fill, up but then I am struck with a moment of sorrow - what if that was me? But then I usually just shrug it off and close the game altogether.

  • I definitely do not enjoy CBA, it saddens me to see that this is all the wide world of AoE2 seems to know. One day, I swear, one day it will be cast down into the abyss!

Would you play Ranked CBA over Ranked Empire Wars_

  • Even if a lot know what is CBA and know how to play it, not that many would choose it over Empire Wars. I am not convinced either that CBA deserves a spot aside Ranked MM like RM or the upcoming EW, but I do not really consider EW any better than CBA either. Feels like deadcontent, to be honest. At least you have a dedicated playerbase who have stayed true to CBA for years on end and casuals can join the chill and relaxed lobby for quick fun. You cannot say the same for Empire Wars. Thus, I feel like from two evils Empire Wars is being pampered, but in reality should be thrown into mud. Just my unfair and judgemental opinion on the matter.

Would you play Ranked Custom Scenarios, if there was an option to do so_

  • Now, believe me, I had no special insider information that Rated Custom Lobbies are going to be a thing, so this question was just provided as a follow-up for the above to see how much the choices are going to shift.
  • But I do believe that once Death Match gets its Ladder that can be chosen in the Lobby Browser, Custom Scenario (as a whole) should get one as well, so that communities that want can track their Win/Loss and rating. Since there are established communities that play fixed rotation of scenarios competitively. Or just CBA players that play CBA exclusively and want to have a more competitive game than normal. They should be given the opportunity with rated Custom Scenario Custom Lobbies.

  • Well, this went as expected, many loathe Custom Scenarios and do not see any charm in them. Naturally it is not the game mode of AoE II and fitting for people to rather choose Random Map or nothing.
  • Else it was interesting to see Bloods not get picked, perhaps Castle Bloods have fully surpassed Bloods in glory now finally?
  • Reasonable again to see Tower Defence, MOBA and Fixed Force Battles with low picks as you could rather play a different game, that are arguably better than these scenarios in AoE II. As these genres are not exclusive to AoE II and are widely available.

  • Acknowledge the bias of multiple options being allowed.
  • Custom Scenarios offer quick fun and interesting gameplay for a change. Something that should be sought for every now and then. But a lot of them can be also practiced to perfection and used competitively - in the olden days even supplied with tournaments that give bragging rights to warring clans.

The next question was the following:
What kind of Custom Scenario you think should exist in AoE II DE?

"(Something I’m working on) every player can pick a civ that has not been picked. Then you gain control of an associated city on a real world map. From a city you can make the associated civ’s unique unit and a couple units they specialise in. As well as being able to research their unique techs. Their civ bonuses would apply to their city and team bonuses to all city that players controls. You can capture cities by destroying their wonder. Once you’ve lost all your cities and units you lose the game. Each city also gives pop space and a passive resource generation based on that’s civ’s
Eco techs."
1v1 standard RM Arabia (oh wait it does) 
6/7-player Coop survival vs AI (real AI and not just some trigger "attack move" on spawned units)
a custom scenario that adds 10 more ages and new units from prehistoric clubmen to robots and ■■■■, and do NOT forget dragoons 
a diplomacy cs with indivitual task so on2 might win or people  in a team win together 
A good one that doesn't bring hate from other people
a more easily accessible and advanced Hunter vs Prey mode
A pilgrims-like map with random generation already occupied by AI forces that the players must deal with in addition to each other.
A super fun CS that's just relaxing and has great map design and such.
Aaaah, now I get what you are asking for :D Not custom campaigns, but custom scenarios. Damn, you can prolly disregard my previous answers.
abuki's vs vikings
any and all
Apart from the Deathmatch tutorial I'm working on, I can't think of any I'd like to see added to the game. However, I know that someone somewhere is working on their own custom scenario gamemode that may make waves someday.
Art of Defence/Tower Defence
beautiful diplo maps built with systems to prevent egregious booming (food system for vils, gold system for troops?)
Boom Challenges 
Build Order Race (Wonderrace with Cicero-like BOs)
Building the best army with a set amount of resources 
Calabozos y Mazmorras con la posibilidad de tener inventario y subir de nivel
Can't think of anything
Cba cba cba
Chaos blood
Competitive or Fun ones
Competitively viable ones, CBA is good but too reliant on random civs 
Coop, diplomacy
Current stuff are fine
Custom co-op campaigns
Diplo maps
Don't know
Don't know
Don't know 
Don't know 
don't know any except cba but this survey is great I have a lot more to investigate now ! 
Dont know
Dont know
Dunno there already are lots 
Enough with the custom scenarios i'm not even suro of what they are 11
Fight against the evil tyrant.
Footman frienzy
fun scenarios, whacky game modes
Game of Thones and LOTR citadel are both amazing I would love to see a Skyrim diplo
game of thrones related, i dont know, not an expert in these scenarios
hunter vs prey
I do not play CS, so I have no opinions on this.
I don't know.
I don’t know
I dunno
I have no idea 11
I just want Zoo Blood for DE
I like build and conquer plus surprise moment (invasion, change of alliance etc, buying loyalty etc)
I think most topics have been done, can't think of anything new right now.
I'd love to see the Team TD series ported to DE
Id just like players to actually play existing CS maps in AOE2 DE so i can participate(Time zone problems - if there are any)
idk honestly, maybe some territory defense vs 6 players?
idk what custom scenarios are like, having never played one, but I'd like one with a lot of triggers.
Large multiplayer campaigns
Large scale battles(more than 200 units a side) that requires more strategic and tactical choices. 
Line Tower Wars  (lilke in War Craft 3)
Lord of the Rings
Lost kingdoms ( wc3 scenario)
lotr mod a lot more lotr scenarios would cime
Manu types
Maps that enable units that aren't archers and knights. 
Maybe some kind of They Are Billions mode (building a base against hordes of enemies). Maybe even in Coop.
Maze Tower Defence
Micro battle arena
Mini game like tower defense when u have specific goal 
Mini games (max10 mins)
Modern Warfare (working on it)
More accurate world/part of the world maps for people who like them.
More chill RPGs and historical single player maps, Microsoft needs to update their mod section to include and sort by reviews (5* system like aokh)
More co-op RPG style ones
More diplo options
More from the original MSN Zone days
More historically based ones.
More History base Build and Destroy
More micro scenarios with bigger army
More mistery/suspense scenarios, as everything seems to already exist
More ones about medieval Europe rather than Roman Europe
more prebuilt traditional diplomacies cus reading is hard
More RPgs ones
More scenario Diplo
More tower defense types, etc
More, more, more cannibal escape
Multiplayer for most of the camapigns, there great
No eco just army control
No idea
no idea
No idea
No idea, I don't really play them
No idea, I'm not a creative person
None, CS place is on the bad platforms such as HD and Voobly
Not really sure
Not really sure yet
Not sure
Not sure
official diplo/ffa scenarios ranked lobbies
Perhaps a diplo scenario with AI involved in it. For example, normal diplo but with 1-2 AI that constantly harass all players.
probably the clasic CBA and such, mostly fast paced scenarios with not much complexity, i don't know, i don't play MP scenarios.
pudge wars
PvE raiding style
Ranked classic eu diplo
roll the dice
RPG's, MOBA games like RTD, fun scenario's
Russian history, or Shroud of Turin, or Holy Cross Relic, or Holy Grail
Scenario which are like coop Campaign but you compete with each other who does complete more quest in a sertain time 
Scenarios that go deeper into traing people for ranked games (like the interaktiv buildorder mod, but multiplayer and for water maps as well)
Semi-Fixed Force (i.e. limited resources to train an army, perhaps with unconventional ways to earn more resources)
Short, fun 10-minute games.
Single Player
Single player scenarios
Some more better custom campains and less and i mean LESS BUGGY RPGS
some that people enjoy
Something like uther party, polar scape, run kitty and element td from WC3.
Something where you have the option to conquer bases without destroying them
The best ones are the build order scenarios. Again more links with improving multiplayer skills (some others may exist but I am either not aware of or I simply favour practice in game)
The big thing I have wanted for a while is more coop campaigns (which is now coming)
The Colosseum type scenario like in AOE 3
The ones that already exist are good enough for me
There are already, but few people plays it. Pre-built HISTORIC diplomacy scenarios (not about lotr or those bullshits) with presetted objectives to win, like The Fall of Khwarazm, 100  Years War, Italian Wars, Struggle at the Balkans, etc.
Those that are needed already exist
Tower defence against Extreme AI
Trigger Heavy
TTF Racing is definitely missing.
TTF Racing. Blood maps. 
Unfortunately we don't have unit abilities, otherwise something similar to Warcraft's/Starcraft's Hero Line Wars could be fun.
Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40k, something something, or a scenario with Total War mechanics. 
Whatever I gave my answer already
WW2 Map, WW1 Map idk 
zombie defense, very limiting resource one, need to loot / move base every round
  • Was an obligatory question, therefore beware of chaff.
  • Very interesting ideas, though some of which already exist, but currently only in the old games and noone has taken up arms to port them over properly. A lot of work that is. Though, I spy a lot of potential for future scenarios here. Perhaps I will steal this Modern Warfare idea, which ever scenario designer submitted this, YOINKS.

The next question was the following:
If you could change something in any Custom Scenario, what update would it receive? (skippable)

ban icey domedome and randus forever, bring back andi, make yigit own citadel and bomber own AoD
Battle Royale should have military buildings on every base.
Better balance for CBA
CBA --> balancing
CBA would get GENERIC, without 24501 different types of games and relics and click here and click there omg
different difficulty selection
Editting unit stats so they can exceed 1100
Elo system to be able to play at high level.
faster download :) lobby bug fix
Fix CBA balance
For it to not crash when you load into the game
Get rid of king cba
I would delete CBA for EVERYONE!
i would finish randus western monument diplo
I would like to see added new trigger that removes glowing effect from heroes. Therefore I could use them as standard units in my scenarios.
I, as a scenario developer myself, know that sometimes a scenario reaches a peak on its development and should be left as it is. This could be either because people lost interest on it or the scenario editor/genie engine limits the creative capability of scenario developers.
Insta fill up lobby and NO IDIOTS
less reading in hints
Make it so techs actually affect heroes and ■■■■ and this gives away who i am
make them more reliable so they don't crash 20 times before getting into the game
micro mania: more stages, or more players
Microsoft needs to update their mod section to include and sort by reviews (5* system like aokh)
No new DE civs
Put CBA in recycle bin and put Archer Blood in its place
Spawn killing
Stay in the list of Custom Scenario after leaving another custom scenario
To be honest, as a player who rarely plays Custom scenarios, I'm never aware of the rules and in general good strategies. A way to implement that would be nice.
TTF racing would have a pac man gamemode
turks vs abuki's
Unit statistics
You mean MP or SP ones? I love myself some good Ulio and such scenarios (single player scnearios / campaigns )
  • I would delete CBA too for everyone, just so that other scenarios would have a chance. Be the change you want to see - DELETE CBA today!

Have you ever made or tried to make a Custom Scenario in the Scenario Editor_ (1)

Do you know how to make Triggers using the Scenario Editor_ (1)

  • These were included to see how many people know anything about the scenario editor and of course to spot out how many professional scenario designers decided to take this survey. By the looks of it up to 40. Thus, if you read before my initial estimate of 15 to 25% who probably deem this survey relevant is based on this. Just something for my information. You would not understand, nor need to know. Now get back to scrolling you peon!

The next question was the following:
What is your most favourite Custom Scenario? (skippable)

Jurassic Park, Monuments diplo, eu diplo, icey & fire Got"
25 Micro Battles - Early Castle Age
abuki's vs citadel
Alpha Grom HD
any Il Covenanti map
Archer Blood
Battle Royale
Black Death Lake RPG
Build orders
Cannbal Escape Lite (Freak's Version, version 8+)
Cannibal escape
Cannibal Escape
Cannibal Escape
Cannibal escape
Cannibal Escape, Horde survival, CBA
Cannibal Escape!
CBA for chilling, historical content for spending a good time
CBA Hero variant, Overlord
CBA or those Diplomacy Pre-Built Maps within an historic context.
Chaos blood
Diabo rpg
Dodgeball, Dota, TTF, TTD v4 - Teams(Old map)
Dodgeball, ttf racing
Dome blood - Cba hero 
Drusus and Tiberius (AOE1)
Exploding Birds Nothing
Game of Thrones/SongofIceyandFire
Grave Blood team 4v4
I dont know
I usually enjoy playing RPG, CBA or RTD types of custom scenarios.
If you include campaigns, the second scenario of kotyan khan! Otherwise diplomacy games.
Invictus's warhammer map I played one time, it was fun and cool.
Komenos by (phillydelphia?)
Lord Basse's Gwindlegard series
Lord of the Rings
Maps like Western Monument diplomacy
Mare Nostrum
Maybe some RPG I played during the zone days
Medieval RPG
Mini cats & mice
My own version of Barbarossa
On DE, currently KingTe (YuanShao)
Roll The Dice
Roll The Dice
Single player custom campaigns
So far anicent tower defence
Song of Icey and Fire v73
Td sounds cool. Will try
The Latean Project
TTF racing
TTF racing and Roll the Dice
UDP (U Da Prey)
Vlad Dracula (2004) on heavengames
Western Europe Diplomacy
When the Wheel Breaks - Chapter 1 - The Prophecy
You already asked, or?
Zombies Awakening
  • Looks like Cannibal Escape is making waves side by side CBA. People also have not forgotten TTF and Dodgeball. Though, I admit it is interesting to see variety on the list. Perhaps you are a CS player and looking for something new to play? Well look no more, here is a community made list for you. Use it wisely.

The next question was the following:
What do you like the most about Custom Scenarios? (skippable)

Ability to be used for training
Amazing micro
As a single player custom scenario player, I'd say for me most of them are a relaxed aoe2 game for when you don't want the MP tension of the game, while getting to experience something cool / good loking
Complexity and attention to detail 
Cool gimmicks and not afraid to experiment
custom contents, assets, creative maps, interactive storytelling
Different gameplay
Every  custom scenario is a new game.
fun alternative
Fun and relaxing compared to RM
Fun game play 
Fun, variable, chaotic
I like that you can pretty much make any game mode that could fit into the Age of Empires 2 formula. There's all sorts of things like custom diplo maps to CBA to RPGs that are a nice break from playing DM all day.
I played them when I just wanted to chill
Innovation and humour
It can be anything
It's fun, cool strats
less stressful than ranked; nice opportunity to play with less experienced players on an even ground
New ways to play AoE2
no pressure since i can play non fixed team diplo/ffa
Play with all units
Players ideas
Side objectives
Simple Map
Single focused, unlike managing eco, keeping tabs on production buildings, microing on RM/DM - Best for chill games
that i actually understand the gmae because i create them as well as play them
That it takes new strategy to master it
the convivial play
The different change of gameplay
The fact that you can do most anything with them. You can make them historical or completely unrealistic.
The innovation, complexity, and sheer effort put into some of the maps
The map
The possibility to get away from random maps and their build orders, early agression, competitivity, etc.
the randomness and roleplay
The sheer amount of variety
The stories
The stories and replayability, the customisation and uniqueness. 
the stories people come up with and the creative ways they convey these stories (mechanics, map design etc.)
The tactical aspect is very similar to RM, but it's much easier to fight with big armies (for example CBA, where you don't need to spend time on economy but just instantly fight with armies of 60-80 units).
The variety and randomness of what takes place within the diplo and almost constant fighting between some players
They aren't serious and the quests are interesting and most of the time they require little skill land you can just ■■■■ around
They feel way more casual and social than  standard ranked games.
They're challenging but rewarding
They're fun
theyre fun
Unique games
Unit creation triggers
Watching others' playing them
when abuki's are better than everything
Writing triggers is fun, its a challenge to think how to do certain tasks using the limited functionality
You can create your own minigame and have a platform ready to support it
  • I think StarCraft 2 nailed their name of Arcade. Fun, unique and creative gameplay that is out of the box and different from basic RM, people look for change when they have played too much of the same old same old. If you played a different Custom Scenario or Campaign every day, you would probably start running out in like 20 years. That is how much of them exist, and potentially all of them could be different, though that is not really that true. But Custom Scenarios do offer very unique ways to play and some of them do not exist outside this game at all.

The next question was the following:
I would play Custom Scenarios more, if they had this in them (skippable)

A bigger community
Better AI & custom graphics
Better map sharing and downloading.
CBA and Rambit CB not being the only Bloods still being played
Chaos blood
Custom OST
Easy to play from the get go. Easy transfer, easy hosting etc.
Explanation by cinematic intro
Faster download speed for heavy data mods (its extremely slow atm, pls fix)
fill faster lobbies
fill up lobby and STEAM WORKSHOP FFS
I only play custom scenario's
IDK i only play CS
If i had time for it, I still have a big list of campaigns and scenarios to play.
If my friends played them more often
Less buggy
more people hosted better ones
More players, please! I beggeth!
more yigits
Multiplayer training elements
No new DE civs
Players! even better ranked(useless if theres no players to play it)(kinda complex what map gets ranked on DE)
Quality people playing them
Ranked elo so noobs don't ruin lobbies 
Ranking system / Elo
Relaxing gameplay and good map design.
replayvalue: some scenarios tend to get dull once you played them a couple times
The ability to conquer bases without destroying them
Touched upon historical events (most are fantasy based). more akin to the normal gameplay usually found in Ranked/Diplomacy. 
  • Yes, more people, that would help. Anyway, I am getting tired and there is not much to say. So, LOL, ggnoreIgoeat, I guess?

The next question was the following:
Free form entry about Custom Scenarios (skippable)

CBA is best game mode (I'm a CBA pro hahah)
Custom Scenarios suck almost all of the known AoEZone people who predomidently play them range from annoying to straight bad people
custom scnearios fill too slow, i gave up hosting 
■■■■ rm 
HDs lobby system made it much much easier to host custom scenarios
Honestly Icey exists so I'm sorry, no. If Icey were to suddenly cease to have all power or internet service I might play more :)
I knnow nothing about custom scenarios, i didn't understand a single question 11
i often pick up new aoe players and teach them the game, cs has some good resources to teach them with, as well as some fun games to wind down and have fun with them on somewhat equal footing, i hope the community with expand on these features 
I spend a lot of time on creating my historical scenarios, but I don't know how to programm AI, so I had to left them. 
I've never played one created by anyone other than myself (being prohibited to do anything multiplayer), but I have made a couple and just might get back into making them after being reminded of it by this survey :)
"Icey did nothing wrong!
jk, he can be very challenging to deal with"
Just for context when I have ticked yes to knowing triggers I only mean very basic ones such as having villagers collecting resources.
Made them in 2000s to play with friends
Mods are what keep games (especially old ones) and the AOE community alive.
MY JAPAN MAP IS COMING BE READY!!!! gonna be almost 2k triggers
Overall they are fun
The main idea I have about Custom Scenarios not being so popular is because the game doesn't help much when it comes to advertising them. To find scenarios you need to go to the mods tab and browse with the "scenario" filter, which is a lot. Even then, only the most downloaded and liked scenarios are highlighted since they are at the top of the list, causing many interesting custom scenarios to receive almost no attention. HD edition had its mod workshop on Steam, and this helped new content to be discovered since the Steam Workshop showcases the trending mods of the week. Actually, my only scenario for HD edition made it top of the list back then and got hundreds of downloads the first week thanks to this. We could really use something similar.
The scenario editor is a powerful tool, and I love how people have been using it over the years to introduce new game modes.
Tower Defence and micromania are cool as well
yo mama

*Yes, I am going to WOLOLO yo mama into idk. Bye!

This concludes the Custom Scenario section.

Brave of you to read it all, if you did or you are going to. I had to, might suffer some form of mental illness soon.

Either way, stay tuned. The scenario designers are hoping to reach out to wider crowds and engage with the community. See you in the battlefield!

If for some reason you want the RAW data, you can contact me through PM or discord nhoobish#7508


There are already a lot of Viking custom campaigns, Ornlu has played through a bunch of them.

Also that dude who kept writing about Abuki looks like quite the dedicated fella :sweat_smile:

Do Custom Scenarios in this case refer to multiplayer things only? Or does it include singleplayer ones (especially ones designed similarly to the official singleplayer scenarios?)

If it includes singleplayer, then my answer to

When you play Custom Scenarios what are you looking for?

is “interesting historical events”. I rarely play multiplayer, and I see scenario mods as “extra” singleplayer content on par with, if not exceeding, the quality of the premade stuff.

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During section 2 Campaigns = Custom Scenarios. During section 3 Custom Scenarios rather equals to MP content, but is not limited as there are SP Custom Scenarios (not only Campaigns, which is the main bulk of SP CS content).

How representative is this survey? This is always an important question when reviewing the outcome. I am pretty sure you will get another outcome if you ask There are many noobs at this forum, while at aoezone there are many etilists. So how sure are your that these 172 people together are the average AoE 2 player?

The goal was not to get a representative survey, Custom Scenario community is smaller than you think. The survey was shared to AoEZone too, as well as Reddit and some AoE2 discord servers. To me it does not matter where these people hangout and what skill level they have, only the interaction with CS/Campaigns. The idea was to obtain thoughtful entries in form of text, 172 people are not nearly enough to have statistics or a strong statement summary - alas, an attempt was made nonetheless by giving multiple choice questions to accompany the text field questions.

This being said, you can consider this as an anonymous discussion between scenario designers and those who play CS/campaigns(/else). And by taking the survey they were able to provide some insight and feedback.