Custom scenarios / mods page doesn't work

I can’t download anything from it, though I can search for them.

Hi @HE1NZz, I was able to download a custom scenario just now. Which one(s) are you attempting to download?

Thank you for checking. It seems like the problem was that I’ve tried opening download page as a separate window (middle mouse button) instead of clicking on the link directly which caused the problem. I’ve managed to download some campaigns.

Or not. Still getting this with some scenarios.

Something has gone wrong. Please try again later.

Would you please link the scenarios which are not working for you?

They all work, but only half the time. The website is just bugged. For example I can’t just search scenario, pick one, download it, then get back and download another. I have to start from index and go to mods section again for another scenario.

@DodoNotDoDo Tagging you in case there is something you would like to add to this conversation.

Definitely let me know if there are specific campaigns you can’t download. And yes, getting back to where you were in search results does not always work as expected. Working on a fix for that.


After downloading a mod, be sure to use the Browse Mods link just above the mod title on the detail page. That should take you back to your search results.


This doesn’t always work if you’ve gone to something like submit a mod, but for normal browsing/downloading it should work fine.