Custom Scenarios

I feel like there should be more work done for the scenario editor for people who are interested in creating and playing custom scenarios. There are a lot of players who have played AOM & Aoe2 previously and they both had huge community of custom scenario players, I think there should be more variety and functionality.

Perhaps introducing Triggers and adding more customization to it.

I have also noticed that when you try and host a custom scenario, it will not work unless the players have your map in their scenario directory - I think there has to be a feature that transfers it to players who do not have the scenario**. Otherwise we are unable to share and play with our friends and other players.

Yes, this exists since Starcraft 1 :confused:

Totally agree. Most of my time spent with the original was creating scenarios and campaigns in the editor. The fact that 20 years later and there have been zero changes to it is a massive disappointment; there is only so much you can do and so much you can’t. I really wanted to get back into creating scenario’s but its just too limiting and honestly, I exhausted all the possibilities 15 years ago…

The scenario editor needs triggers and it is missing so many quality of life features. For instance, in random map you can change player colour and toggle allied vision, yet in editor neither are possible. An editor similar to that of aoe2 and I think there are great possibilities for this game and its longevity.

We need more support on this, and the developers have to at least read it. This is the third time i’ve tried to post this, i’ve even shared it in discord, there has been 0 response or effort from supposed developers. Yet it’s a serious problem and will be causing a decline in sales from the Custom Scenario palyers on other AoE franchise games.

Well said, gentlemen. We need a better editor.