Custom Taunts No Longer Work in Multiplayer Lobby

My family and I have a mod of our own custom taunts. It no longer seems to work in the multiplayer lobby. It seems to work fine during the game. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, but we used to always use the LAN option for multiplayer lobbies and now we have to use the default lobby option. (Because the LAN option is broken now.)

I assume this is a bug. We used to have a lot of fun sending each other taunts from our custom taunt pack while we were waiting to start the game. (My kids especially enjoyed it.)

Did you try testing another mod? I couldn’t repro with a random taunt mod me and a member of the team downloaded.

This our own personal custom taunt pack that we created. Weirdly, even though it does not work in the lobby, it works during the game and if you play a second multiplayer game AFTER completing a mutiplayer game, it works in the lobby prior to the second game just as it used to always work.

The built-in taunts that come with the game (#1-105) work fine all the time.