Custom Triggers for the Editor

In the old AoE3 it was possible to add new custom triggers by moving the desired trigger xml into a specific directory, but I can’t seem to find that directory in AoE3 DE. Is it even possible to still add custom triggers and if yes, how? Because I have noticed that the editor is still pretty much the same as in AoE3 (along with the standard triggers).
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

C:\Users\username\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\somenumbers\Trigger

Moving your xml files here should work.

Nah, already tried that and it doesn’t work. Won’t show any custom trigger in the editor. Is it maybe due to the fact that the trigger xml was originally made for AoE3 and not DE? Do you know if old trigger xmls are compatible with DE?

I got triggers packs ported over to DE, although my solution at the moment is admittedly sort of ugly. You can find that info here

Alternatively, you could add a local mod like %USERPROFILE%\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE<id number>\mods\local\TriggerPacks\data\triggers\triggerdata.xml, and then manually copy/paste your conditions and effects into the trigger data folder. I haven’t been able to get other XML files working in the trigger folder but it’s something I’m looking into.

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So, last time I checked AoE 3 DE (in December) your method of adding custom triggers all into one file and adding it as local mod worked fine. I had access to all my custom triggers ingame and most of them worked. Now I came back after some months and suddenly the triggers won’t appear ingame anymore. Tried both XML and XMB. XML ignores the custom triggers (my local mod is ignored entirely I suppose) and XMB breaks the triggers completely and won’t show any trigger at all.
Is there any workaround or solution for this?

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Just, go into steam/steamapps/common/aoe3DE/game
create a folder named " Trigger "
Paste your custom trigger file there
No this does not exclude you from MP games.

Doesn’t work for me. Tried with XML and even with XMB. Won’t show any custom triggers in editor. Is there something I am overlooking?

Add the custom triggers to the typetest.xml ?

I did. And where do I put the typetest.xml? Your suggested folder doesn’t seem to work.

Maybe don’t put in games, more right into the folder where the game exe is

Nope, doesn’t work either. Only thing that worked was adding it as a local mod back in December. But apparently mod support is broken now (?), as another mod I previously used isn’t recognized anymore as well. Do custom triggers still work for you though?

Edit: So, I finally got it working. The correct folder is indeed the one with the .exe in it, but putting the triggers in a Trigger folder right in that destination, won’t work. Instead, there first needs to be another folder called Data, as suggested by the destination of the original triggerData.xml.
So, it is basically: folderWithExe/Data/Trigger/trigger.xml

Anyway, thank you. Glad this is solved.


Ahh good to know, thanks for telling me !
Have a nice day !

Reviving this old thread. Say I want to publish some triggers as a mod.
local/my_triggers_mod/Data/Trigger/My_trigger.xml didn’t work.
So, how should I proceed?
The following won’t work either
Where should I place it?

I guess these is still no mod support for that. You can upload it as a zip and put a description where to put it tho.

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Troteck does something similar with their historical battles. Uploads a mod, but places their files in the root of the mod folder, so you only have to copy and paste those files to your own scenario folder