Customizing home city

how do I go about get points so that I can customize my Home Cities. When I play skirmish’s, some times I get a few points, and other times I don’t. I play the single skirmish’s, and don’t us any cheat codes. I play on regular settings. I play a different map everytime, but still, some times I get points, so times I don’t.
Sort of like an Almond Joy bar

Good connection

But yeah you get xp every time you play, However the amount you get will vary meaning you may not level up every game .

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It depends of the XP generated on the match: longer match probably would lead you to more XP.

But, as the RPGs, the more level you have, the more XP you need to level up.

And finally, IRC there’s a cap of XP that you can gain. That will affect you only on the first levels.

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