Customizing of amount of resources per pile/per tree etc in game room!

By making the amount of resource within a tree/a gold pile/a deer etc adjustable in the lobby (like a low/med/high wood, low/med/high food, low/med/high gold setting), we can ensure a much more Vibrant gameplay and usage of almost ALL CIVS!!. So the map remains the same, but the amount of resources can be changed.

It would make players and viewers think and strategize right from the start, and lower the predictability of build orders, preventing stale gameplay.

For example: High Wood setting = 120 wood per tree, Low = 80 wood per tree , Medium= regular values.
High Gold setting = 1000 gold per pile, Low = 600 gold per pile
High Stone setting = 450 stone per pile, Low = 250 stone per pile

This would improve gameplay strategizing and make everything interesting, even on the same old arabia. Build orders would be LESS OF A CRUTCH that players rely on. Players will need to familiarize themselves with 81 different resource settings by strategy and experience not by rote learning of build orders.

I believe making the amount of resource within a tree/a gold pile/a deer etc adjustable by a three way setting for each of the 4 commodities would require not many balance changes. Civs would still be balanced.

So for example, in a High Gold, Low Wood setting in Arabia, TURKS would become a little more viable too!! Similarly, in a Low Gold, High Food setting on Arena, suddenly, Byzantines also become a good choice!

make a mod and go play :smiley:

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Yeah this sounds like a for fun type of thing and not a tournament setting type of thing. After all we don’t even see turks used on maps with lots of gold.

There are already different maps which have different availability of ressources for that.

Try to play Chinese with sheeps that can’t pay back for your -200 food (not that it matters too much, as Mayan would be way other the top on the “low” settings and everyone would play them only 11)

You seem to think that BO = no strat, which is false since you will always have to adapt it, unless you’re in a noob game where any attack under 1 hour is a rush.

There are quite a lot of BO to learn already, and it’s only if you use them only on a civ that has a 100% generic version of the BO. Not everyone wants to bear with so much to learn. And let’s be real: anyone who would be able to adapt to these new settings/make BOs for all this were already those who were the best at learning/adapting BOs. Except that now the gap between them and the rest is even wider.

If you don’t die to stuff like 10 pop Mongol scout rushes then yes I guess?

This is not really possible, as the lobby settings can’t add nor remove scripts from maps generations and can’t change the amount of resources a villager gets each gathering tick. What you want is only possible through a data mod/custom scenario.

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How will this have impact op build orders? Build orders kinda end in early castle age. Having more/less resources doesnt really change anything. I have think most games are decided before gold or stone runs out.

I think higher ressources would encourage fast castle build orders since you will have more safe ressources in your base while scarce ressources would force people to have stupidly tight build orders since the lack of ressources you would have to spread out your vills early.

High resources is just like the Mayan bonus (resources last longer). Giving every civ the bonus resources (only for wood, gold and stone) last 20% longer (or 20 less long for low resources) dont really has any impact op build order or strategy at all.

Only thing that really change is the moment gold runs out on the map. With low resources it will be sooner, with high resources it will be slower. Most of the game are decided before gold runs out. I feel like most games already end before gold runs out on the map. More gold doesnt change any thing. Less gold may result in trash units becoming more important.