Cycle through individual buildings.... NOT WORKING

I want to hit ‘b’ and go to my barracks.

I want to hit ‘a’ and go to my archery range.

I want to hit ‘s’ and go to my stables.

I’m trying to do this via ‘Cycle through individual barracks, etc’.

I load the game, hit ‘b’ it takes me to my barracks. I hit ‘s’… and nothing happens. If I manually select another building, say a house then hit ‘b’ it might take me to the barracks nothing else works.

I have deleted any key conflicts so that ‘b’, ‘s’, ‘a’, are ONLY being used for what I want.

I’ve waited a year to play this game because I wanted to hotkey to a building and now it doesn’t WORK???

Any help greatly appreciated, I’ve wasted an hour testing this.

Make sure, your assigned keys don’t collide with the ‘grid keys’.
Perhaps set the grid keys to ‘individual’.

Hmm this works perfectly fine for me?

You sure you don’t have any hotkey conflicts? The letters you are using are used by the regular grid hotkeys for other things.

I set the ‘Select Hotkey Layout’ to ‘Grid Keys’ and now it works.