Cysion pls fix tg ladder

@Cysion pls fix tg ladder

experienced players keep pulling new accounts (for 1usd or steam family sharing) and it takes forever until their tg rating gets adjusted.

people cannot prevent to get matched against them, also there is no point to play a match.

srsly it’s a thing since release and people abandon tg ladder.


How can this be fixed though … you offer no solution

for this particular issue we just need for the ratings to adjust faster. An idiot with high win % in the last x games should get a lot more points so he doesn’t stay underrated for months boosting his friends. It doesn’t solve everything but it helps forcing the people who abuse this to waste a lot more time

I better rating system is already suggested here:

TG rating has lots of flaws which can be fixed quite easily. This thread just shows one of them.