Daily problem with quitters in mp

I play almost every day and its more common than not that I am with people who quits in the middle of a game or after just a couple of minutes.

For example, if you play 4 vs 4, it will be very uneven and destroy the whole dynamic if you suddenly play 2 vs 4. You should be able to give some form of punishment to these players as they ruin the whole gaming experience.

Either that they can not enter a new game in a certain number of minutes or that they get a deduction in xp so people stop leaving mid game. Its really annoying.

I also understand that it sometimes can be a connection issue but then you should be able to reconnect to the match again.

We hear you @R0BSWE.

Leaving thread open in case people want to discuss the best way to go about this…Thanks!

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Reconnecting should definetly be a feature (and also pausing in multiplayer games to wait for a person).

I think of Dota 2 as a good example for those 2 features.


1.Add reconnection function
2.When the player is disconnected, AI will take over
3.Allow players to pause voting
4.Punish malicious quitters

Here are my four suggestions


Completely agree, good suggestions. It would improve the multiplayer experience significantly.

Unfortunately too many games are ruined because of these problems today. Hoping for a solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is still a big problem. :confused: