Daimyo and Shogun issue

For some reason japanese entities like Daimyos and Shogun are not tagged as “hero” while obviously are. Thus they have no valid counters tbf. I hope its just oversight by devs that will be fixed


They are tagged as heavy cavalry.

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so as lakota chief, so what

By definition, if something does bonus damage it means it is a counter. Therefore your argument that daimyo can’t be countered is incorrect, since counters exist.

Now if you are suggesting they need a rework, that’s a different conversation.

i suggest adding hero tag, yes.

so the like, 4 units that do bonus vs heros are better? ranged cav is really spicy against daymios, i dont see the problem

let me clarify. When u ship second monk as china is he tagged as hero? yes. When u obtain simon bolivar is he tagged as hero? yes. Canada militia officer? yes. Usa general upon revolt. Native heroes too, like akan/berber/nutka chiefs. Each and every of them is tagged as hero so is vulnerable vs spies. So why should daimyo, which are the most superior single-entity unit types with decent speed, shipping point and aura buff dont be heroes?

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All those things CANT DIE
Daimyo and Shoguns CAN DIE

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dont see problem with this. The should die because of their shipment point mechanics, imagine 2500hp tokugawa just ###### in-between your troops and pop up age IV units shipment.( i remember Bolivar also has shipment point, but i forgive it since its revolt)

I was just telling you, that they CAN DIE because they DONT HAVE the hero tag-


can make separate tag just for them to be killed by spies then, or make daimyo limit to 1(which will still not solve issue with 2500hp opgawa).

They have a limit of 1.
They are seperate proto units.
once they died after the shipment, you can only obtain thema gain witht he ageup wonder. Destroy it and boom, no more daimyo.

Thats not op, and noone uses spies anyway. Worst unit ingame,.


destroy wonder, ensure all shipped daimyo dead etc. I aint playing moba or total war warhammer to try catch 1 unit with hulking HP and building-like mechanic(which is mounted).
I believe there should be real convinient counterplay to daimyo-like units, which i see by providing separate tag.

LOL thats so true. they shouldn’t be hero tag.
(I laughed so hard reading this, such bomb shell xD)

I’ve been playing Japan extensively recently as Indian is trashed alot, so on a side not for this :

This causes Select all shortcut to not work on daimyo. as they dont have the common tag :confused: a “NAMESAKE” doimyo/shogun tag would be great. so select all shortcut can work , else it gets tedious at times to find them or create a group of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Il suffit d’utiliser des mousquetaires ou des piquiers et des Hallebardiers par exemple

usually daimyo unit is keeping behind whole army, imagine u playing civ without even light cav, u basically doomed to kill all army just to reach daimyo

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Idea of spies dealing more damage against Daimyo and Shogun would be a good approach, I also would like to see Japan getting a small buff early game.


Nerf Japan into the ground until everyone forgets it exists. It is, by far, one of the worst designed civs in the game because the people who made it were weeaboo historians.

Daimyo/Shogun are awful in concept. A mobile base that has a higher MS than most cavalry units is just awful to see - It’s even worse that the Japanese pop-balance is made to account for the three Daimyo and the Shogun. With 75 villagers and a ton of upgrades for both Shrines (+60% from cards) and Rice Paddies (+23%), they have the economy of 99 villagers without having the population cost of 99 villagers.

That gives them 24 extra population space - The Daimyo are 12, the Shogun is 4. That’s 16 population reserved specifically for these units that Japan doesn’t really have to give up anything for, and leaves them with 8 extra population over other civs.

I also have to point out the weird favouritism that is clear from the inclusion of the Japanese AI as a unit in-game and the Japanese being the only civ that can, from base, ship in historical units. Why was this not implemented across the board? Where is Napoleon, Queen Amina, and Hiawatha?

I hate the Daimyo and Shogun as they are implemented now. Either give other civs something similar, because the idea is cool, or hard nerf them because a mobile base that can 1v1 any other unit in the game is just unfun as hell to play against.

I don’t care if it can be balanced. It’s actively unfun for opponents to play against. It’s not a design that should be implemented.


Where’s the problem? You sounds like asking for a nerf, but how come adding a hero tag is a nerf? Making them hero will also make them invulnerable.

if they remove their ability to train units, they can have the hero status, which would be a way better approach then it is now.

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