Danes as a new civilization

I was wondering what they thought about the Danes, they were known as another Nordic civilization and it was very famous in the Middle Ages, open the possibility of adding this civilization?

Eh, would rather stay away from Europr for a while and we already have Vikings


Already covered by the Vikings.

I think we are beyond the umbrella civis now.

Main problem I see with danes is how will they differ from vikings tech tree vise.

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I think the current Viking civ and the potential second Scandinavian civ would have a shareded Unique Regional Unit - similar to the Winged Hussar of the Lithuanians civ and Poles civ.

The current Vikings civ would be renamed Danes civ and the new Scandinavian civ could be Swedes civ.

I’d rather we move beyond Europe, seeing as EU already has 18ish civs as is. Africa, India, America, and Some Asiatic civs would be nice. even Georgians and Armenians, though i would like to see some of the other areas first


Why do we need to rename them? They are perfectly fine as vikings.we already have goths who originated from sweden.

I guess the viking with gunpowder units and ruiter cavalry uu would be different from both goths and vikings.Danes civi can have a campaign where they unified the kalmar union.

I think the Swedes would have more to offer as a new civ than the Danes.

Goths civ and Huns civ are archaic civs in AoE 2, civs that were born and lost in the Dark Ages look strange. Especially since the Goths use the Anglo-Saxon unit - Huskarl. Both of these civs are bizarre.

Huskarl is a common unit for many germanic peoples.I agree sweden would be a better choice but this topic is about danes.

Here is the civi concept for denmark from chivalry.
Unique Units:
Herreman (anti-infantry infantry)
Longship (boarding ship)

Unique Technology:
Dannebrog (+3 infantry attack)

Team Bonus: Light lancers (including Militia Lancers, Bajorai, Liv Auxiliaries, Stradiots, and Székely Auxiliaries) +2 attack vs. archers

Characteristics of the civilisation:

  • Start with Militia Lancer, not Pathfinder
  • Militia +4 attack, -10 hit points
  • Knightly Infantry +2 attack +1 pierce armour, -10 hit points
  • Villagers +15 hit points, carry +5
  • All military units created 15% faster
  • Priests +5 hit points for each Church technology, but cost +25 florins.
  • War Cog cheaper, trains more quickly
  • Has access to the Princely Court

Policy Decisions
Baltic Crusades (Foot Knights +2 attack, conversion resistance +50%, enables conversion)
Kalmar Union (silver gathering rate +15%, castles +2000 hit points)

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