Danes (Viking Age to Kalmar Union) from 793-1523 as the quintessential "Viking" civ?

The Danes would be great additions to the game. Because the Viking Age lasted from 793–1066 AD but we have other civilizations that last around 1500s, I think Relic should also take into consideration the Kalmar Union which comprised of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Talk about the “Viking” Holy Trinity minus the raids. And to put the cherry on top… it also lasted from 1397 to 1523AD. Perfect because apparently the playable civs lasted around 1500s anyway.

In terms of gameplay style, I could see the Danes being a strong civilization that emphasizes sudden terror strikes and raids. And as you progress through the ages, the playstyle then becomes less on raids although you still have the opportunity to build raiders if need be.

What do you guys and gals think?


I like this as the groundwork for a Danes/Vikings civ.

So you start off with a unit that can attack and you slowly get a portion of the resources used to make the unit as it is damaged. You start out collecting slower but as the game progresses you villagers start collecting more and the raided amount doesnt increase. Is this along the general idea?