There is an immense amount of people wishing for a “Danish” civilization, yet nothing is clearly suggested nor stated regarding what this “civ” could offer in term of unique aspects and not to make it, as someone said, a Swedes 2.0.

So I’m asking you, Danes enjoyers, what would you include in this said civilization that would justify it’s existence, having in mind that the game timeframe (reminder: it’s not only the 19th century) ; unique units, buildings systems, economy mechanics, bonus, explorer specificities…

Oh yes, if you suggest another “generic-boring-bland late 19th century rifle line infantry” as a unique unit, it’s automatically a fail. The game is not WoL.

I’m genuinely curious and would like to know more.

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The decision is made regardless Danes enjoyers, so it’s up to the devs that if they made that civ to be creative and do a civ unique enough.

Denmark doesnt attract me a lot, and I really dont know what they could bring besides Repeater Rifles (already ingame as a tech) Gunboats (Africans already have Cannons Boats) and Sky Troopers (weird to see them on an Amazon map), but I have faith that devs could do something interesting

There were numerous suggestions for Danes civ - the most popular are from @Jonasnee8581 .

Adding the Danes civ, who were famous for their navy, would be an opportunity for navy rework. Plus they could have some really interesting unusual units like Ski Troopers that could have unique effects on winter/snow maps. They could have a unique port building which could also be interesting. The times of boring uniform European civs are a thing of the past.


Ok let’s see:

Early modern period is punctuated with an attempt at reestablishing the kalmar union and becoming the leader for lutheranism. Ergo, Pikemen are a clear case.

It was the Hegemon until Sweden took over the baltic, hence why it dominated the baltic trade in the early part of the Ages. Further it had a colonial empire that was initially quite successfull.

So trade should play a role.

The state had centralising tendencies, so maybee not unlikely Malta’s tower ressource gather card the danes could have as a baseline bonus for being in range of their TC and especially for farms as farming even in the union state and later on was a key driving factor.


guerrilla freedom fighter (1600s)

the first major protestant country.

large navy with some pretty obvious unique designs.

skirmishers (does sweden have skirmishers? no, they don’t)

first military repeater weapon, unique fast firing elite unit? this is also 1600s tech.

early abandonment of melee weapons.

i have to ask why you would look at the 1800s? Denmark was the regional power till around 1650 and almost got back over the next 60ish years. the 1800s are not what you look at for inspiration for a danish civ.

to me this just proves you have never even tried to read up on anything, like if you make topics atleast make it on something you know about. i am not saying you have to find the faction interesting but like this topic says nothing because you clearly know nothing.

what makes a unit interesting? to me its the design, my design for a unique danish musketeer is cheap but poor melee, and that reference has more to do with the scanian wars where quiet often Danish infantry did well at range and then crumbled in melee. by the mid 1800s the melee weakness was gone. they are not design just to be a name but to be actually unique and interesting to play with, that changes the approach you have to building your army and fighting with it.

this is perhaps also an issue i have had with DE civs where they just get more power, every musketeer we have had so far have been objectively better than european musketeers, and mine is a pull back from that making a musketeer that has a strength (price) and compensate for it with a weakness (melee/anti cav).

if i were to look at a potential danish civ it looks a lot more like the USA than it does to sweden, it in fact has almost no similarity with sweden which is an artillery and melee power civ, while denmark obviously would be a range and naval civ.


As a Swede myself I support your idea of adding a Danish civilisation to the game @Jonasnee8581 .


It seems to me that for some people even post-colonial civs are more interesting (although they are Europeans 2.0. but they are not from Europe), as long as they are not from Europe X DDD

Which would indicate some strange problem.

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Ideology. The strange name of the strange problem is ideology disguising itself as “science” in the humanities.

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The ideology of anti-Europeanism?

Postcolonialism of very specific branches. Though they are more broadly “anti-western” and “anti-imperialism”. though perfectly willing to adopt the western school of thought of socialism. Hence why it represents more an ideology and less an school of thought. Granted that is a broad simplification.

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That’s the goal of this topic itself. See what people who would be thrilled by a Danes civ would suggest, and learn from that.
And your reply provides with the kind of information I find interesting, thanks.
Protestantism, advanced ranged technology, trade, naval power, etc. All of that seems quite interesting.
What about Norway in that? Should it be represented by units, techs, entities, mechanics?

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