Danube River - bad seed

I think this seed is in favor of one side (bottom) in terms of gold. There is much more gold mine and there is even more relics.

Seed: 65601bee
Biome: Taiga Winter
Danube River

My question is … Is it even worth it to mention all the unbalanced stuff around the maps and their SEED since even on the same SEED only hills/mountains remains same and resources + relics are different everytime even on same seed?

I se it super pointless to post seeds here just like answers from devs. about they will take a look on that … Like look on what?

It feels kinda useless since ods of even getting the same seed are pretty small in my opinion. If devs even do something about it is hard to tell.

I don’t know how did you test the part of the different map with the same seed but I´ve just tried it and got the same map. Did you put the same number of players in-game? Since the amount of resources is based on the numbers of players in-game and not the size of the map?

Isn’t it the same if same biome and map size?

Probably I did not test myself but one guy here claimed that resources spawns are different everytime even on same seed of map …

Seeds are super helpful. It makes it easier to test once changes/tweaks are made.

Thank you for this @DentingOrchid7!