DAO | Doctrine recruitment

Dao, the Golden path, the Method. Doctrine.
We’re a small clan looking to expand, so we can have fun and grow as Snek wannabes with a few more people. Variety is the spice of life! We’re mostly 20-30 aged euros and our team ratings at this moment are in the 1450 - 1800 range. We don’t care if you’re a smol noob. Some of us are smol noobs as well. Others may be able to carry until you get gud :upside_down_face: and/or give you some pointers.

The only requirement is not being a dickhead, unless, like, you really want to.

Reply or send me a PM if you’re interested and I’ll invite you to our discord.


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hai, i chew ■■■ and kick bubblegum

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Thankfully it is not the other way around :smiley:

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[DAO] Doctrine Community, Looking for More

Hello there, Doctrine (clan/discord community) is still looking for new members or guests to play with. Drop by and say hello!

Who we are

  • Mostly ~EU based
  • Mostly 20-35 year olds
  • English speaking community

Our activities

  • We have regulars, not so regulars, members and guests, engaging in both ranked and unranked games most days of the week.
  • The weekends are pretty much the same, except you can expect more random map scripts, custom games and meme wars.
  • Our favorite is RM Team, but we have members who like DM Team as well and just hanging around while you’re in 1v1s is ok too.
  • We get into tournaments when the opportunity presents itself. (Age of Noob Cup III f.e.)

What we are

  • We’re a clan, but we’re a community first.
  • The logo is an idle vil + “start the game” taunt (14), meant to symbolize the ease of matchmaking with non-randos in a mature, sportsmanlike and friendly community.
  • Dao or Tao stands for ‘the golden path’ or ‘method’, ‘Doctrine’. It signifies our willingness to help you become better at the game.
  • Clan membership isn’t required, nor do we require clan members to be active for x amount of hours or anything. There’s no obligations except the ones you set for yourself (like joining a tournament as part of Doctrine).

What we have

  • A discord (80 peeps, of which ~20 are clan members)
  • Ties to other communities
  • Resources (and a discord bot in the making)
  • Good times.
  • Emojis, ooooh! scout
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i would be interested

Hop into the discord and say hello :slight_smile: no recruitment process.

Members of a Chinese religious political Sect play Aoe 2 DE and make a team in Aoe 2 ???

thats whazzuup 11 xD. no we are more of an collective of aoe2 player who like to play together

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We will be hosting a hidden cup style tournament. This would be a great time to join our community and participate.

We have made a poll that will allow anyone who wants to participate to vote for the maps and format - https://forms.gle/QkaZbNXe4UdumPJV6

If you wish to participate join the [DAO] discord server: https://discord.gg/RJkpgaS

We need 3 more teams of 2 for our Dao Hidden Cup tournament, starting on the 13th. Join our discord for more info. https://discord.gg/RJkpgaS

Everyone’s still welcome!

Always on the lookout for new members,