Data mod don't work

Hi, I had a problem with data mods, I downloaded some mods, like ‘small trees’ or night menu and they work. I had installed some different data mods, but in the browse they haven’t the box with red check but a gear. If I open a casual map or a campaign I don’t see the differences.
How I can do?

AoE 2DE 36906 - Windows Store

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When in standard game settings page choose “Data mod”. You can only use one at a time. You can only use them in campaigns by overriding default data file. You can use them in multiplayer, when in lobby host selects it.

Yes, but I can’t edit o change the default data file because windows don’t give me permissions to edit files in the game install folder. It’s the folder in windowsapps

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Ah, yes, indeed it is not possible to edit files of Microsoft Store games. You should have bought Steam version, it is much better.

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Ah, perfect. Nothing shortcuts, too? To know it before I would have used steam :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, even though I own the steam version, texture mods work fine but when I try enabling any data mods the match will just not start, an then the game will through me back to the main menu sayingAn error occurred while trying to start the game

I’ve added the Indian civilization again,but it didn’t work for me,please help me!