Data Sets Not Working in Campaign

GAME BUILD #: 101.101.50292.0 0
GAME PLATFORM: Microsoft Store

My game was recently updated and now some of the unit skins from mods don’t appear in the campaign. When I create a unit, I hear the notification sound of the unit spawning, but nothing appears. But here’s the thing - the units are there, however they’re invisible and can’t be selected. I know this because when enemies attack, I will see health bars floating above nothing. So far it seems to happen mainly with infantry, archers and cavalry. Villagers, monks, trade carts, etc. are all still visible, as are military units whose skins are unchanged.

I’ve had this problem before with mods, but until now it was only confined to certain mods. Now, this happens across the board with every mod data set I try. The only data set that doesn’t have this problem is the vanilla one. So far I’ve only played the campaigns, so I don’t know if this happens with skirmishes or multiplayer. I figured this bug might already have been reported, but I decided to report it anyway since mods that were working 100% and had zero problems before, are now all having this same problem.

FREQUENCY OF ISSUE: 100% of the time


  1. Install the most recent update (the update that introduces co-op campaigns)
  2. Go to any campaign map
  3. Select any modded data set and start a scenario

EXPECTED RESULT: Described above