Dataset Bug since April/ March

Since the April/ March Update this Game has a bug that ruins the possibility to make Datasets for good Scenarios:

In Short:
Since the March/ April Update this Game has a bug that lets Stables “blink” (disappear and reappear every few seconds) if you use a Dataset that was created before the mentioned Updated. BY created i mean that the Original Dataset that was used from the Game files to edit with the Genie Editor was a Dataset from the Game before the mentioned Update.
Since then this Dataset have the visual Bug of Blinking Stabels.
Its not a problem with the Dataset itself, because this bug appeared in every Dataset creator before the Update.

Since the March/ April Update Datasets that were created with an original Dataset (the Dataset used to edit in the Genie Editor) that is older then the April/ March will have a bug in which Stabels are blinking.

The first time i realized this bug in my own scenario Map, but later on realized that the same bug happened in ALL Datasets created before the April/ March Update.
The Bug exists since then but changed a few times in between.
In the April/March Update Genoese Crossbowman were also blinking (disappearing and reappearing) and in a later Update (around May) BBC were disappearing and reappearing but genoese Crossbowman were fine by then.

Nowadays the Bug still lets Stabels blink and Genoese/ BBC blink WHILE moving. (not when they stand still) depending on the Age of the Mod. (Geneose Bug doesnt happen in Mods created after March)

This mod must be fixed because even with Datasets I created later on similar issues appeared which gives Map creators an unpredictable risk when making a Dataset for a Map, which is one of the reasons why a lot of the Scenario Community stayed on HD. (because a bug like this could happen anytime again and ruin Hours to Days of work)

How can you test/ look for the bug:

Go into the scenario Editor and then make a Map with a stable, a Genoese and a BCC and select an old Dataset mod like mentioned below.
As comparison you can use a new Dataset mod and will see the bug happening in the old, but not in the new ones (in the ones created before a specific patch that broke the Mods or after the Patch)

Mods to test with:
(“new users cant post more then 2 links” because of this limitaion: link ==

Old Mods (with all bugs):
link15727 (this one was reuploaded by me so the upload makes it new, but I didnt changed the Dataset, so the Dataset is still based on the December Dataset. Its also bugged which shows that it only matters which original Dataset was used and not when its uploaded. Problem in compability with Datasets based on older original Datasets, not the Mod/ Upload System itself)

Medium Old (after March Patch but before end of March/April [watch latest update date]):
link4021 (no Genoese bug, still BBC Stabels (again))

new ones (doing fine because updated probably with a new original Dataset):

As said before it seems some Updates made the Game not compatible with older Datasets anymore. You have to pinpoint exactly what it is, i can just say that it didnt happened before the March Update. I realized it the first time on my own Scenario, whichs Dataset I made in December and i was able to play in January until March which means that not every update ruins Dataset mods. Also now a new Patch happened and by the looks of it my Balance test mod which was created before this patch doesnt have any of the known issues.

Gl finding the issue that causes the incompability with some patches. As long as it could happen anytime that a long worked on Dataset will be ruined I sadly doubt that many Map Creators will put their work and trust into DE.

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This is not a bug. In order to save disk space the devs reduced the frame counts of some animations (stable for example). The problem with old datasets is, that the frame counts of the graphic entries for the concerning unit/building in the graphic section in Advanced Genie Editor do not match the actual frame count of the animation which leads to blinking. The easiest way to update outdated datasets is to copy all graphic entries from a newer dataset over the entries in the old dataset.

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