Dawn of the dukes w̶i̶s̶h̶e̶s̶... begging

So, with dawn of the dukes, I have just a few teeeny tiny wishes…

  1. A unique unit for one of the new civs. This unit is made at the stables. It is shared among all team mates just like the berber genitor. This unit is a horse drawn buggy, with room to garrison up to 10 non cavalry non siege units. It is unarmed, but has high armor, reasonably high health (200) and it moves fast. Its used primarily for transporting monks, petards, villagers etc across land maps.

  2. Let siege engines be repaired for free by villagers, or let them garrison in castles. :frowning:

  3. Change the time when a unit that is firing at another unit is revealed. IE a bombard cannon that fires a cannon shot at an infantry from outside the LOS of the infantry should not be revealed and the infantry should not have time to dodge until after the first shot hits.

  4. Give a “free fire” command to the unit panel. When free fire is selected, all units will seek to divide fire evenly among all enemies in range.

  5. Give trebuchets an aggressive stance that makes them launch projectiles at any enemies in range.