Day and night cycle for random maps

i would like to see an option for day and night cycle - like in aom ee, age 3 de and aoe4 campaign. it would spice up the graphics alot without to much influence to the readability. and if it would be an option - there is no problem with the rankedplayers.

maybe we can see it in some patch soon?

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I’m not entirely convinced of a day and night cycle during one match per se, but I would love to see different lighting like different lighting directions, different times of the day like maybe one match is entirely in sunrise.

Would also love to see colour temperature be applied. Deserts during the day should have a warm colour temperature instead of this blue haze that covers all maps at all times. Taiga Winter should have a blueish tone. Asian Subtropic should feel more green like a jungle, and so on.

We have the technology. Hire someone to make the game look nice, thank you.


Yes, that would be nice…

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