Day/Night cycle?

The only differece is that Starcraft like Warcraft 3 and C&C got asym factions. Something we get in to Age this time. For the rest those games are not dead neither AoE 1-2.

I still do not get what are you doing here if you consider this a dying genre :thinking:
Knights and Merchants, Stronghold and others were niche games. Games that are too complex and realistic become niche. None want niche games except a bunch of players. Theres no point to invest resources and money just for a bunch of dreamers. AoE1-2/Starcraft/Warcraft3/C&C:generals are the games that made the story of the genre.

Dude remaster doesn’t count…and Ensamble Studio is gone, Westwood Studio is gone Blizzard is going but you can see it doesn’t care about RTS anymore…

The History that they died as well…
While Total War, Endless Space, Civilization…all of those are complex AF but yet are strong franchises

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Not at that level, aoe is not fantasy so certain cultures share common units.

Here is going to vary the skins…

A day and night cycle that causes countless variables… Rather not. Not at all compatible with competitive AOE. You do you in single player mode.


I don’t think I’d want there to be nighttime. Maybe just a morning-to-sunset cycle, or maybe to-twilight, but even that might be too dark for me. And if implemented, a way to shut it off/not have it, of course.

How about just the ability to set the time of day for a map at the start of a match (no cycles)? Actually, this might be my ultimate preference, since the thought of day/night cycles or the passage of time during a match (even just visually) doesn’t do much for me from a gameplay or visual perspective. Being able to set the time of day, however, gives one more layer of visual uniqueness that a map could have without going into full-fledged cycles or time shifts and related impacts to unit power/speed. Tall vs. short shadows, color hue variations, etc. could be achieved through a time of day setting.

Age of Mythology had an Eclipse power to cast a shadow over the map for a short length of time. The thought of something like that happening on an AoE map for 5, 10 or 20 minutes at a time as part of a cyclical time cycle does not sound fun to me.

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Empires apart which is an age of empires free to play clone has day/night cycles and it’s atrocious when you try to spot things. I hope nights do not exist in AOE4. It’s more of an obstacle to gameplay than actual enhancement.

That’s your subjective opinion based on your tastes, Warcraft 3 has a day/night cycle and is one of the greatest RTS in history. If you don’t like it, at best, I would tolerate that there was an option to disable it, but no option at all? unacceptable.

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Warcraft 3 visibility and numbers have nothing to do with AOE.

[quote=“SektorXIII, post:27, topic:61176”]
Empires apart which is an age of empires free to play clone[/quote]
freemium clone. With lootboxes.

It can be done without making it a pain for your eyes. Like Age of Mythology for example. It has some scenarios with night ilumination and the game can still be played perfectly, with absolutely no impact in gameplay due to ilumination effects.

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