Day/Night mode?

I know such thread has been opened months ago once before, but I want to bring new light to it.
And more inside became public just now.
To the developers: I know, this has no priority what so ever (if not already included).

However, after seeing the review by the magazine “GameStar” and some evening/night (or just less bright?) scences from the campaigns…
this is exactly what many people were looking for!
(Age of Empires 4 ist fantastisch - aber noch nicht die Rettung des RTS (Test / Review) - YouTube first 90 seconds)

It looks easier to the eye.
It gives everything a more serious look.
It seems to improve readability.

I do have to give you credit to stick to the bright mode though.
While cloudy/evening/night mode looks more realistic (and easier to read), it just doesn’t look as motivating as the bright mode.
Even though looks suffer in my eyes: It simply makes more fun, in the sun.

Yet, if there was a system, that had like 4/6 day time, 1/6 evening time and 1/6 of night time (or sun, weather, evening) as an optional feature, I think many people would enjoy the strong atmosphere it created.
It may even affect the time when people choose to start an attack.

But I do understand, that there is no need for it now and that the competitive scene might have no use for it.

My two cents.


Imagine what it’d be to reenact something like the Battle for Helm’s Deep, at night and raining. Or having different civs have bonuses under certain weather conditions and time of day.

But no, it’s that damn readability.


I can see it being a thing for campaigns or custom scenarios.

But honestly in competitive play online, random stuff like weather boosting a side sounds incredibly unfun and unfair.


Day/nigth mode is too risky, it could affect readability.

Game need to stay in a monotone ligth.







EricGonzalezM saw it coming :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would like it as an optional feature. Just like certain winning conditions.

The weather can be used as an opportunity to attack. It’s the same at night.
This is a very interesting “playability”.
I mentioned this a long time ago, and no developer has replied.


Yes, it would be nice to have a batlefield in whinter or to have the units attack at nigth.

But every thing is not up to me. XD


Night mode was used in the Battle of England, but I felt terrible.

I think it should just be for a relativly short time, still mostly shiny day.

The Entire English campaign should have terrible weather, and very gloomy.
I expect it to look like Warcraft 3 trailer, all the time.

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It sounds good. But I still think that bad weather or night mod is enough in the campaign, don’t appear anywhere else.

If they end up with a campaign in Ireland I guarantee that it is the most historically accurate to never have a sunny day. Can confirm that those don’t exist here.

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Some RTS have had at least dusk/dawn ambience in the past, albeit locked to specific maps. BfME had “freezing rain” and “darkness” which triggered rain effects or an overcast sky along with specific bonuses.

Here’s a potato-quality video of rain and sky going dark:

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It look sure ugly, the developper need to avoid that.

Was hopping for a more blue, then dark at nigth, where players can still see things.

Look like there will need alot of work to implemented a day/Nigth feature, to get the best nigth color for the game.

Migth has well say it will be set more in aoe5 then aoe4. XD

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You mean more blue, like in this first 40 seconds of this video?

Feal more grey then blue, but it give some idea.

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I feel you OP, it would be great!

Warcraft 3 did it ages ago, they can do it too.

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