Day ruined

Once again, I’m deep into a awesome multiplayer game when my game stutters (along with my heart) and inexplicably crashes. The crashes are annoying, but my greatest disappointment with this game is the inability to rejoin a game. That’s insane to me. I dont understand how no one in development was like “You know what, lets do this very logical thing that everyone would appreciate.” Its 2022 for Ensemble’s (RIP) sake.

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isn’t it 2022???


Thanks, Good look. haha

@XiVASAMORTISiX What kind of crash? Like you get booted, along with everyone else, to the score screen? Or did you pop back to windows with AoE.exe terminated?

The game stuttered, froze, and then i got a windows message that Age wasn’t responding before it finally terminated itself. Again, its not so much the crashes that bother me than the fact i cant rejoin a match after the fact.

So its happening during the match right? Do you play teamgames? And does it happens to you very often when u are on the edge of victory or getting upper hand in match?

You have been heard @XiVASAMORTISiX + all. It’d also be ideal if you didn’t crash. When that happens, please contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file so we can figure out why.

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@XiVASAMORTISiX At any particular time? I’m asking this because players have reported this occurs when producing the HRE IV landmark Swabia. It is rare, but no rare enough to exclude as a possible factor. I can imagine that if it happens for Swabia, it might occur due to other variables as well. If there is any variable to it, even if somewhat inconsistent, it can help a great deal.

Ahh I see what your asking… In fact, I was in a team game, however I was not playing HRE. It was most likely the French or British (Forgive me it was a few days ago). As I remember it, there was a lot going on in the match in the moment, and I was currently focused on my economy. I had just placed a building down when the game sputtered and died, almost as if everything going on overwhelmed it. To answer your other question, I can’t say we were winning the match, however we felt pretty confident we were about to push it in our favor.

I was however the only person to drop, my friend and opponents stayed in the match.
Things like this has been happening ever since the Beta however, in less common increments as the games been updated. It used to happen all the time, like 1 in every 8 games. Now I’d say 1 in every 20.