DDOS attack in game from Chinese player

Went from a 1hour and a half game in 4v4 with one of my mates and me disconnected from the game while we’re pushing (and going to win). Coincidence ? With a premade team in front of us ? lmao
When are we going to have a reconnection in game ?
An anti-cheat system to check these exotics accounts on UE servers ???

The ladder is polluted by these high pings, add-ons users, no regulation, and you can’t even choose if you want them in your games or not ?

AOE4 digging his own grave by mixing people with heavy latency and no scruples


It’s incredibly easy to boot people from games even more so if it is 1v1 as you know who the ip belongs to in team you could boot your own team mate by accident.

How is this IP easy to know? I doubt it very much to be honest.

I don’t think it’s a DDoS attack, but I won’t discard they have found a way to drop players from a match.

In the past they changed resources, and this lead to a generalised out of sync error to all players, and the match was a win or a lose by 50% chance. Obviously if you are about to lose you have 0% chance to win and you raise that percent to 50 doing that.

There’s a program you run in the background and it shows all the ip addresses in the game, I won’t tell you the name because people might use it but in team or ffa it is hard to know which player you are kicking out unless you know which country they are from, sometimes it can be easy by just seeing names in different languages.
Once you use that program you’d also need to use a booter which aren’t free but have a relatively small monthly cost.

My god… Didn’t know was that easy. I don’t know how this info isn’t encrypter server side, so your IP isn’t public to anyone.

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DDoS attacking to win a game idk. Do you use the XBox Live version? Today I played a little on my old account and I had such an issue twice…

But, if actually non encrypted ips are visible the game is literally opening a security hole for its users. Such a thing needs to be fixed ASP!

If it was truly a DDoS attack then you would lose access to all things on the internet on all devices on your network. People typically attribute things to malicious outside action, it is completely possible that it could be:

  • network driver failure
  • mother board failure
  • router/modem failure
  • ISP failure unrelated to an outside attack
  • server you are connected to experiencing technical difficulties
  • hiccup in server connection unrelated to an outside attack
  • high traffic on the ISP in combination with routine maintenance

It’s a huge leap to assume someone grabbed your IP address while in a game and decided to execute a denial of service attack on you specifically to win in a video game. It assumes a lot of information that is much easier to explain in more mundane terms. I would honestly assume DDoS attack as one of the last of many options because of the sheer effort required. If someone has designed a tool to select IP addresses from the game lobby and execute an attack using a bot farm, that’s kind of extreme. If it is something you have knowledge of the responsible thing to do is to forward relevant information to the developers through the ticketing system.

For reference on what a DDoS attack feels like as the victim: you would have a total loss of internet access for 30 minutes to an hour. There was a solar storm over the last weekend, internet outages should be expected, and can be something that lasts for small amounts of time, even seconds.

It is almost never a DDoS, best not to fall for fear mongering from people spreading rumors about this kind of thing.

That being said accessing someone’s IP address is easy to accomplish because you expose it every time you interface with any web server, it is why aoe4world.com has the ability to understand country of origin for player accounts. It has always been public knowledge. There is no such thing as privacy on the internet, take that as you will.

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IP’s are visible pretty much on any game if you know how, that being said I’ve over 1k hours on aoe4 and I’ve never been booted off so this is quite rare and most of the time it is likely your own internet problems.

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I agree, DDoS seems unlikely. From my understanding, the connections in AOE4 are made from peer to server where one player is designated by the server as the match host. It is far more likely that you simply had a connectivity disruption with the server. I have had numerous connectivity hangs recently where everything runs at super speed briefly when it catches up. One thing I will note is, during these hangs, my internet was fine. These hangs were clearly not caused by DDoS.

Thanks for the information. I didn’t know that.

Well, 99.99999% of gamers aren’t worthy targets anyways. But, especially multiplayer games should never be installed on company pcs with sensible data then. :grinning:

I guess such pratices are GDPR comform. I still would feel better playing with encrypted connection data.

But… I can understand your IP is public to steam, relic, or others providers of software (basically because you are connecting to their servers).

But when you connect to a match, isn’t hosted server side? Once all the info is in the server you can just anonimise data, and the only way to get it is by a sniffer, but it would be too complicated…

I’m trying to understand how this works, not questioning you, because as engineer, I’ve worked along some solutions and we anonimised data as much as we can. The only way one could extract the real data was by knowing how the system worked, and this was just the people who developed the system.

The other possibility is the match is client hosted, meaning is a P2P connection, and in that case it’s pretty easy to get IPs.

I believe it is client hosted, after all you get notifications saying if you’re the host.