DE AI Behaviour

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • BUILD #: 201.12.1840.0
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

While I commend the incredible work done with the DE and especially the improvements made to the AI over the course of beta testing, there are still some major issues with regards to the AI that needs to be addressed prior to the official release.

In the current build of the DE, the AI does not launch attacks on enemy bases. They amass troops in their own bases and basically camp the for the duration of the game. In fact, I could go AFK for an hour, and rest assured my base would be untouched.

The only instance in which (some) action occurs is when a fort/forward base is planned and most of the AI’s main army is moved forward which allows for a few army clashes. Otherwise, they’ll pretty much maintain the same posture and camp out at the fort and do nothing else.

Settler resource gathering is a tad erratic as well. Oftentimes, the AI will send settlers far across the map to gather resources (particularly hunt or mine) in hotly contested/dangerous areas.

I haven’t at all enjoyed the offline games I’ve played thus far, which is seriously disappointing as someone who’s had high expectations for this game. At the very least, the AI’s base attack and gather behaviour should mirror or be vastly superior to that of AoE3 2007.

Again, I commend the team on some of the other innovations with the AI (unit engagements, research plans, etc), but please, as an avid AoE3 player, I implore the Devs to look into these issues and address them prior to release.


I totally agree with you. I had the exact same issue happen last night. The AI on hard drove their fort wagon right into my town center! As you said they only pushed up when a forward base was planned. Very disappointing since I mostly play against AI.


I’m fairly certain bugs are involved here because sometimes they attack and attack viciously but most of the time yes, they sit there and do very little.

I put up a bug thread for a Lakota AI aging up to Commerce age twice bug with recorded evidence and based on how well that gets received, I might put more effort into this but really, in the past my efforts have been wasted soooo :).


I’m counting on these fixes as the AoE team made a promising case regarding AI gameplay. There’s no comparison to the experience I have with the AoE3 2007 AI. Current AI is so very linear, there seems to be little to no point playing further knowing the current outcome of each and every game.

@Peachrocks5 now that you mentioned that, I believe I noticed the AI age up to the Imperial Age after revolting. So it seems that bug isn’t limited to the Lakota (unless ofc aging up to the Imperial Age after revolting is a thing?)

Is incredible this being a DE and the AI is still retardes, 1DE improved the AI, 2DE give us the Extreme Level and is clealy challenging but this what? Seems that they are doing the same way like the other DEs being buggy at release:

Noticed on certain maps, such as those with a river crossing or any kind of impassable area such as a fissure, they tend to give up navigating around it. It’s like their pathing is completely broken.

They still ignore certain upgrades, too.

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We played a 3 players vs 4 Extreme AI game yesterday. AI did few attacks around 10min but after that they just stayed around their forts in the middle of the map, not attacking just building troops there.

After the game got to 40 mins we did attack the group of forts. After we lost the battle, AI did nothing, no attacks, nothing.

I hope they get the AI fixed. We liked to play against expert AI in AoE III (2007) and had really high hopes at DE’s AI, but currently it has done nothing else but disappoint us.

Screenshots showing how AI grouped troops and only way to get those troops doing anything was to attack them.