DE Alaric Campaign

The Definitive Edition of Age of Empires 2 have a completely different campaign for Alaric. It abandoned the weird ‘RPG’ Warcraft 3 style and was remade with the classic “build and destroy” format for all the missions.

I personally liked the change, specially how weird and full of bugs the old campaign was, but there was a really strange situation on the last mission “A Kingdom of Our Own”.

While in the previous missions the AI worked like the old campaigns, they collected resources and trained army for attack and defense, this last mission the AIs simple trained an endless amount of soldiers non-stop.

Initially I tought that I had to hold my defenses for some time so they run out of initial resources or stop training so many units but they didn’t, they simple send the same wave of units every few minutes non-stop.

Why…? Why in the last mission the AI seems to have infinite resources and just spam units non-stop? I won the mission, just doing the same, training units non-stop, but it was a tedius and weird way to play the game specially considering the previous missions were all good and fair.

Aynone played the new Alaric campaign too?

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yeah i stayed on the first island, took over the seas and used red’s dock as an infinite gold source. Once everything was upgraded, i raided red and purple with elite huskarls, trebs and the bomb dudes. The rest basically fell over once purple were down.

On another note related to the Alaric campaign, how the ■■■■ do you destroy all 12 castles in 30 minutes for the achievement during the mission ‘a giant falls’

well since you get 210 pop goths and the game starts from imperial age, i find it reasonable to have strong enemies with infinite resources. just build up your economy and spam the ■■■■ out of infantries. i didnt play this campaign on previous version, but among the 7 campaigns that i have finished on DE, Alaric is on my top 2 favorite campaigns, along side with Le Loi. both of them have crazy last mission, Le Loi is overall a harder campaign, Alaric is a well made campaign in both story telling and gameplay, and the last mission altho being hard, is a well balanced mission in comparison to Le Loi’s and joan of arc’s last mission

To OP: Im thinking the same thing, i played through the whole campaign on Moderate diff. and for last mission i had to go for 2nd attempt on Standard and was still struggling a bit, but managed in the end… One thing that bothered me was Sarus forces (purple) who had insane amounts of infantry and i couldn’t destroy him, but i wanted so bad :frowning:

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I managed the achievement last night on hard for the Destroy 12 Castles achievement. Took me a few tries and a lot of saving.

As soon as the scenario starts, save the game. Pause. Build two TC and get the remaining vills to build houses. You need to boom for about 15 minutes to build up the resources to press the attack. Once you have two TC up, build a third and aim for about 25 food, 25 wood, 15 gold and 4 stone vills. Your house building vills should eventually branch off and build the university/blacksmith etc.
First, send all your infantry south across the shallows towards Cyan. Kill the tower covering the crossing for later. Once you get out of being housed, send a vill across the shallows to cyan’s base. Your troops need to protect cyan’s trebs for the moment. Trigger the yellow attack with your scout.

Important thing to do, is build three strike forces. Cyan should be able to kill a castle alone. Your vill that was sent around, build a castle in rome just inside the destroyed gate. Research conscription when built and start building trebs. Vill should build a barracks, monastry and a barracks. Add other buildings if necessary (some cav is nice).

When you have two trebs here (it should be around 13/14 mins, you need to get smashing. With your starting troops, move west and kill the two castles. You should be able to kill these two without fighting anyone. This group will need to move north and kill two of the castles in the north west, one after another.

Whilst this group is on the move, start training 2 trebs and 3 monks. Start training huskarls and a few pikes. When you have 20 or 30, push onto the bridge and treb the castle down. Huskarls can fight the blue troops under the castle. Kill the castle and push across the bridge. There is a small hill just north west of the small island castle where you can treb two castles down. Keep training huskarls, cavs and pikes now. You should be getting loads of barracks in Rome now so it’s quick. Purple will keep attacking. Once you kill the two castles, move north and treb down the final castle. Keep spamming troops because there seems to be a trigger that make purple attack you here.

Meanwhile, in the East, at 19 minutes, you should have enough stone for a second castle. When you do, move into the gate destroyed by yellow and build there. Once built, build barracks. 5 huskarls with the castle is enough here. Treb down the castle across the river (if yellow hasn’t destroyed it). Treb down the castle nearest your starting location next. You can get it from the trees near your castle. Whilst you are trebbing the first castle, build two more trebs and treb the castle just to your north.

It’s very tight for time but you should be just able to do it. Good luck, it’s the best challenge in the game that I’ve completed so far!


How the Campaign AI is going for you guys?

For me it’s pretty disapointing. In most missions, the AI for some reason just scater his units across the map in a circle of his base. When you attack, you just pick off this scatered units one by one.

Why the AI is doing this? Why not grouping his defensive army and grouping his attacking army?

Here an example in the Sforza campaign of your ally in one of the missions. Look in the minimap how his units is scatered across the map. This exactly behaviour happens with most AI enemies in the campaigns.

Anyone having this same problem?


Yup , am having the same problem too

On Sofrza m3, they attack you in large groups and clean your army

The strange thing is that in some missions this does not happen. In the Alaric mission where you have to destroy some cities and then Sarus arrive and betray you later, the enemy AI played normally and your ally played normally for the most part too. Later on your ally keeps a lot of his units stopped on the map and have a lot of problems sending attack waves.

This kind of behavior is making a lot of the campaign missions very boring and too ‘mechanical looking’, where you don’t see a proper army or city fighint against you, but a broken AI doing weird things.

When I played, they didn’t. Piccinino just build a very large Navy that I kept destroying. Never build a proper sized army, just small raiding parties here and there.

What difficulty you played?

EDIT: Here, look. I loaded the Replay of the mission so you can see. Look at the minimap the red dots scattered across the map. It’s his army units, stopped and scattered, doing nothing.

Moderate. And I’m running out of wood. I mean, this is bad for me man.

I can destroy it if I find proper supplies but I’m long out of gold and stone and I almost cleared most of the forest.

I usually attack it with 30 Arblester + 30 Genoese Crossbowmen + 15 Cavalier + 4 Trebs

But it masses condotierroes and pikes and Cavaliers and finishes off my army no matter how I micro the archers.

I mean, does it have infinite resources?

And one of my mistakes was losing the relic to them and don’t know where it is

I am attacking their last base with the castle and bombard tower.

Everything else is taken but I don’t have full control of the lake, I have destroyed a dock but I think they will rebuild it.

They don’t have infinite resources in this mission, they collect it as normal. I don’t know if they have any income of cheated income of Gold, so I can’t really say to you.

But i’m surprised he is doing anything against you.

Just does what I did. Make a navy, build Bombard Galeons, destroy their towers and Castle docks and ships and just spam units at him until he lose.

Spam a lot of trash units like Halbediers and Light Cavalary, they are cheap and you can run him over.

Can you provide me the replay when you finish the mission? I want to see if the enemy plays differently.

Sure, I will send you a pv with the replay file

This was my replay of Sforza 3: (gone after 30 days).

Looking at the triggers of the mission though there isn’t anything special concerning Red’s army so not sure if an issue even exists.

Couldn’t find anything special concerning army positioning in Sforza 1 either. But in my Sforza 1 replay they were pretty spread out.

I want to say it’s because AI’s are dumb if they can’t find your Town Center and thus have no idea where you are, but dunno. Could always just be how AI’s act if they don’t have a Town Center.

Thanks for your replay! You played on Hard difficulty? I noticed the problem is smaller in your replay, as the enemy train more units and send attack waves faster. But even in your replay you can notice a lot of enemy units scatered in the map stopped doing nothing.

Also, they send a lot of units one by one against you on this mission after you destroy the bottom camp.

And by your screenshot it confirms what i’m talking about. The AI is doing this a lot! Just spread out all his units in a circle around their starting position.

It’s specially dumb on missions where you assault some fortified City, where the enemy have a lot of units outside the city in dumb positions.

I hope the devs that a look at the Campaign AI.

PS. Jesus christ mate, 125 villagers !?

I am really struggling at destroying 12 castles in 30 mins and I’m almost out of ideas. The closest I’ve come is 31 min with the castle going down. Idk what else to try tbh…

I completed it on hard

the only problem was Sarus which i noticed, after 40 min AI starts to spamming large army of goth infantry. it was very difficult because there isn’t good source of gold arou

in my 2nd try i rushed into Sarus base and killed him. so purple resign and rest of level will become so easy

this is only way which i could finish this mission.