DE and colorblindness features

Hey everyone, I have some colorblind friends who are looking to get into the game. Can anyone share screenshots of the different colorblindness settings and how they look? I would love to be able to show someone so they can judge if it was helpful for them or not. I don’t have the game up and running yet, as I need to buy a PC to switch over. (former Mac AoE2 HD player)

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Here are some quick examples of all 4 Colour Modes. All the modes do is adjust the Player Colours and Minimap Colours. It doesn’t touch the Terrain or other elements.

Normal Colours:





im colorblind too… is it me or the 2nd and 3rd image look the same?

The only thing that changes from Deuteranopia and Protanopia is that Deuteranopia uses a lighter shade of Yellow for Player 2.

There are some mods for colorblindness available too.

Which ones ? Can you give me a hint of the names?

Right now, unfortunately, and for reasons no one fully understands (not even the devs by the looks of it lol), mods that change players colors are bugged and are not functional; this includes changes for colorblindness. It has been this way for maybe one year and a half already. So probably no useful mods are available. Colorblindness in-game settings are your best bet.

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I’m assuming Alt+G hotkey doesn’t help?

Not in team games.oeoole will yell YELLOW, RED, GREEN instead of numbers (obviously) and you need to properly identify tour own teammates too.

I have downloaded a mod that changes color 4 to full white and while it helps to differentiate between 4 and 3, now I have troubles between 4 and 7.

In any case the best would be to adjust the intensity of each color rather than radical changes.

I really hope devs do something… Although were not that many color blind players I guess…

Interesting, so some player color mods do work, would you mind giving its name? Yeah, I don’t like being negative, but the developers take ages (heh) to do any significant bug fixing, and I wouldn’t count on them making more changes for accessibility.