DE and colorblindness features

Hey everyone, I have some colorblind friends who are looking to get into the game. Can anyone share screenshots of the different colorblindness settings and how they look? I would love to be able to show someone so they can judge if it was helpful for them or not. I don’t have the game up and running yet, as I need to buy a PC to switch over. (former Mac AoE2 HD player)

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Here are some quick examples of all 4 Colour Modes. All the modes do is adjust the Player Colours and Minimap Colours. It doesn’t touch the Terrain or other elements.

Normal Colours:





im colorblind too… is it me or the 2nd and 3rd image look the same?

The only thing that changes from Deuteranopia and Protanopia is that Deuteranopia uses a lighter shade of Yellow for Player 2.

There are some mods for colorblindness available too.