DE is a complete joke regarding teamgames

Just because there are problems with the game does not give you license to act like a jerk yourself. It is not just about you. The moment you alt-f4, you are hurting everyone else whom the server connects you with.
Yes, I acknowledge that there are some problems with multiplayer right now, which I hope will get resolved. But in the meantime, that shouldn’t mean we just all start alt-f4ing everything, because that is going to cause even more problems: for example, the frustration it creates for others could cause more players to leave the game, which, if too many do in fact leave, will only discourage the devs from fixing these issues. The system works much better when we all ‘sacrifice’ a bit for each other, playing maps that are perhaps not our favorite, so that other people will play maps we like to play. If nobody would be prepared to do so, the multiplayer scene would be so much the worse for it, and queues would get incredibly long.

In a nutshell, alt-f4ing is not helpful, it is selfish, and it’s not the kind of behavior I would expect from members of this community (this is not LOL, for crying out loud). Tbh, I think alt-f4ing is a bigger problem than any of the issues you mentioned, because the damage it causes is much more widespread and immediate.


I don’t think trying to avoid trash talker, team killer and early quitter is a selfish behavior. There are many people include myself use alt-f4 only to dodge bad teammates
IMO, the selfish guys are the people who are not trying to win a ranked TG, also the guys who have time to learn manners but refused to learn the game.


being self centered is totally not helpful

well there are people who dont like 24/7 sweating in ranked and take it a bit more calm. also saying people refusing to learn the game is a blatant lie as most do but through focus or other things have a different learning curve

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Nobody play this game 24/7, but ranked is ranked. 1 guy dont want to win will make the whole team lose elo.
I cannot be nice to the people like you because pointing out other people lying without proof is very rude. You cannot explain why people dont research loom or start building trade in Feu on Arabia. These just happened in Quick Play

who said im like.them, i dont see ranked like an competition thats why i probably dont play it that often. but there are people who play ranked and see it as a good way outside of quickplay or lobbys

you missjudge people from the premise that should never exist as you tryd to compare quick play and ranked because people dont research loom there doesnt mean its the same in ranked

you obbiously see a missconconception of people who can play ranked full tryhard and just want to grind elo

and people who do play ranked but see it as not a chore to always win but rather a better version of quickplay or lobby games

I have to make it clear that ranked and quick play are 2 completely different games. This is why I explained them in 2 different paragraphs. Obviously you just misunderstood my words.
Ranked is competition indeed. Some people don’t care about winning does not mean his team doesn’t care either. They are the same as those who alt-f4 because none of them care about teammates.

About the Quick Play, there is no excuse for the people who dont research loom and died to 1 scout. This is something very basic. Also, I don’t know where did they get the idea of trading in Feudal age. What is the point ? Unlike some troll strategies, they are not interesting at all. I can only assume that they refused to learn the game.

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there is a clear Difference between people who play ranked to win and people who play it casual the people who play casual still care about their team some of the tryhards dont

and dont you mix everyone in one pot casual players are one of the least who would afk the real problem are people who only play one map and the people with such a elo differencial in their team that they just quit instead of giving them a chance

and belive it or not just because their elo is like 200 below you doesnt mean they can still bring wonders of play

I don’t think I agree with is. You seem to be conflating lower-level play with ‘not caring about the team’ or ‘not wanting to win’. I don’t think it is fair to accuse people whose execution of strategy is simply less than say a high-level player of throwing on purpose. That is exactly what the elo-system is for in the first place, after all: you don’t research loom, you trade in feudal, common LEL mistakes which certainly lower the odds of winning. But as such, these players lose elo and are more and more matched with players of their own range and style of playing, or they improve and can keep up with higher level play. Either way is fine, people should enjoy playing the game without ‘git gud’ tryhards ruining it for them.

Perhaps it is unfortunate for a higher level player to be matched in a team with a ‘LEL’, but this might be a player still moving down on the ladder to their ELO. And tbh, I could make the same argument about you not ‘truly wanting to win’, because true high-level players could win unfavorable team games through team-work and skill (even in what is technically a 3v4 situation). If you give up that easily, who is really abandoning the team? If you don’t think that argument is fair, it’s functionally the same as yours.

Lastly, don’t equate being of a lower level with alt-f4. The former is, at the very least, an attempt to play; the latter is just giving up on a game or team and is the same as someone just resigning in the first 5 minutes for whatever reason. It is way worse behavior, and I’m tired of people trying to justify it because they themselves feel wronged. I repeat: It’s not just about you.
Have some patience with the Devs, the game and especially other players. Yes, it sucks when someone on your team clearly lacks some fundamental knowledge (like in CBA x6 tech when someone doesn’t upgrade their units) but it is an unavoidable occurrence in competitive games, so let’s not add to that by alt-f4ing and ruining everyone’s time.

I’d rather play a bad game where I tried my best than not play at all.

TL;DR: don’t alt-f4. Just play.


lovely how the alt-f4 users try defend their honor <3


don’t care. I don’t want to play on boring maps


Well i’m not a fan of alt+4 as well but he has a point.

You play ranked indeed for competition and to win. I’ve also made the experience that you play 1 game, get a teammate who quits without a reason(in most cases the game is lost then and there is no point playing anymore) and well if queue up again you get that exact guy in your team again…and it doesn’t matter if you block this guy…you can still get them in your team.

So in my opinion it is indeed valid to dodge these kind of people rather than playing with them again. That is in my opinion the fault of the devs for not punishing leavers or at least make sure that you can’t get sb in your team whom you blocked.

Dodging for bad maps is stupid tho.

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is it certain that alt f4ing shouldt be encouraged and it doesnt matter if people dont like the map or the player there is no reason to ruin the game by just leaving and leave player on a 2v4 or 3v4 because whatever the true elo is people should be helpful even to people with lower knowgledge everyone can learn off it and all maps should be playable and tolerated in the ranked enviroment since i can only repeat myself so often griefing the game and your teammates and ruin their expirience is just an awful behaviour that weakens the community of this game

Not wanting to play a game =/= griefing. You can think of ALT+F4 as the equivalent of joining a lobby, not liking the map/settings/person/whatever and leaving it.

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That’s pretty neat actually. Bumping into a pro player always feels awesome. Am I going to lose? Hell yeah, I’m going to get rekt like never before. But it’s also the best way to progress my own skills, so think of it more like a good opportunity to learn when it happens :slight_smile:

Dude you are so shot! Map dodging is the main cause for the tg ladder frustration together with smurfing.

If you can’t play all the maps in the pool, you should look up the build orders for the maps you underperform. Play them one time offline, then queue up and lead be example.

Thanks for nothing, some maps are just too luck based and/or civ pick based to be of any enjoyment. Nothing I can do to fix it, sorry. It’s not like I ALT+F4 day in and day out, I barely even play ranked anymore. They should just scrap MM and come up with a voobly clone.

but that shouldt happen at all it is griefing as people do that persistant because of the reasons you named and you think thats not griefing ? well like i said all player should be accepted and all maps should be playable as is no excpetion because people like you ruin the fun of all other people that just wanna play and feel entitled enough to say ooh its not me its “them” eventho everyone else would play but you insist on leaving seeing a map or a elo of someone

how cruel the irony of your comment is

Griefing is when you do something intentionally to cause disturbance or annoyance to another player. I don’t think that not wanting to play a particular game is considered griefing, as the intent is not to cause problems for other people.

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I hitted 13 alt+f4 in a row. 10/10 equivalent(sarcasm).
thx to bad people like u who queue for one game, do alt+f4 and quitting. we loosing players.
If there were no streams, i would not even try to wait…(anyway dropped to play this ■■■■).


i agree on you for 1 time. But i promise you, you won’t enjoy it the 10th or 20th time. After a few times it’s not nice going into the game with the feeling “them again, huh? Another lose…yay”.