DE is a complete joke regarding teamgames

DE is a complete joke regarding teamgames:

  • 3 out of 4 games found are dodged by someone using alt-f4
  • when a game is finally found, 1 out of 10 times someone will crash
  • the waitings times are so long, that people tab out and flame in this forum, then miss when the game starts 24
  • in Empires Wars teamgames the entire GUI locks while loading, and people think the game crashed, so they alt-f4. In reality they would have needed to wait 1 or 2 minutes. But nobody nows about that
  • when you are finally ingame, you still get annnoyed by people circumventing the benchmark test

What the hell!?


Teamgames if you have a premate team and can chat on Discord:
not perfect because sometimes opponents drop if they don’t like the map but otherwise fine and fun.

Teamgames if you que up solo:
Either your teammates drop because they hate the map or you drop because you hate the map. After 20min you either stop trying or play a map you didn’t want and then ragequit when your team starts losing :joy:

All what I wrote also holds for premade teams.

Well, then I disagree. I always que up with premates.
For me only about 1/3 of the games are dropped (we never alt-F4).

Also in ranked the crashing is not as prevalent as it once was. Perhaps 1 in 20 times someone crashes (or even less).

Waiting times depend a little bit on the time of the day but are usually between 2 and 6 minutes for ranked 4v4 teamgames.
Of course 1 to 3 minutes would be nicer but I guess we need a bigger playerbase for that …

I think the main issue is that alt-F4 people don’t get punished. I think there should be a staggering ban.

Alt-F4 once and you are not allowed to que up for ranked for 10min.

Alt-F4 twice in a row an you get a 1hour ban.

Alt-F4 three times in a row and you get banned for a day…


Mostly because of map. You can ban only 1 if you queue up solo and if you get a map that’s annoying to play, then mostly you’d alt-f4. And also maybe because of teammate profiles. If their name is in a different language then maybe u cant chat with them during the game. If that person is a new gamer or very low or very high rating then you may not get a smooth game and so on.

Like you said this is just 1 out of 10 times.

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I made the case before and will repeat, that altf4ers are immoral and their behavior is hurting multiplayer. I think Devs should be free to implement a form of punishment, preferably worse than mere timeout.

There are games (especially fighting games, sidescroller ones), where people tend to alt-f4, as to say, when losing match. I heard of one game that implemented a system that can detect players with ‘unusual’ drop rates and flag them as alt-f4ers. These players are then placed in their own matchmaking category, together with only other people likewise flagged as alt-f4ers. It’s like a personal hell for alt-f4 people and it sounds like a great idea.


Have you tried playing co-op games with friends against AI? It can be pretty fun! :smiley: And the AI won’t ALT+F4 on you. They might resign at the drop of a hat sometimes, but if you do the “104” AI Command, that should, technically, make them stay until they’ve been fully defeated

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Stop with these bans. People that just gets disconnected?

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not everyone just “Disconnects” some grief the game maliciously

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That is why the ban needs to be staggered. If your game crashes once you should only get banned for a few minutes at most. But if you do it several times in a row you are obviously alt-F4ing…

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maybe fix the reason people are alt -f4ing in the first place. let the game find you another team to play against, then let the two teams decide on a map by alternating vetoes or by a blind vote, at least maybe if they feel like they had a shot at picking the map they wanted, they wont want to alt4 as much?

the ranked q is for finding games against ppl your skill level, so what difference does it make if the maps are chosen from a pool or at random or whatever.



I feel you!
You forgot:

  • the people who leave the game in the first seconds to lower their ELO on purpose
  • getting destroyed by smurfs

I will still find away to skip maps I don’t want. Give me more bans


I was only mentioning technical problems, but yeah, to actually find a good game is another story.

That’s also a huge problem. Every second arena match I get is vs a group of 4 premades, one of them is rated 1000 points below his tg ranking. There is barely a way to win or to have a good game.
And they change their names every match 11

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stupiest idea i have ever seen.

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Proof? Or maybe you need to git gud?


They call themself dao/doctrine and never play without a smurf.
But it’s not only them smurfing.

When I say smurf here, I mean adding a player to a premade team, who is multiple 100 points below his actual rating, so that the matchup is easier for the smurfing team.

Edit: Its doesn’t even make any sense to me, to play against tg2500 teams, if your team is tg2800. The games will be super boring. And the actual count of games they mess up is really high.

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say it to the top 100 TG players with winrate 95%

PS i agree with u )

Yeah especially the last point is annoying as ■■■■.

Had to play 2 games in a row vs vivi(4.2k rating) who plays with an 1.8k and a 1.4k rating. YOu can guess how this went…i like how u can play rankeds with people having not even half of ur elo. Especially when the 1.8k elo player isnt a real 1.8k elo player :slight_smile:

Don’t know why they dotn want to punish this obv smurfing and boosting. i mean 4.2k elo…

No. Many times I have connected with players from some countries who get disconnected or don’t respond to in-game chat and I have lost. And when I queue up solo, I can’t ban more than one map that I hate playing. If you want to flag alt-f4ers, you need to address these issues. Allow 2 bans when queueing up solo and 1 per additional party, make sure no one connects with a player whose game runs in a different language etc.