DE on Voobly(AOC with DE features, civs and graphics)

Hi guys just saw this mod on Voobly that amazed me a lot and its free to use and don’t take much space

If you want more information go here

Mod’s page
v1.6 Game Data for Age of Empires II: The Conquerors

v1.6 RC for Age of Empires II: The Conquerors

Also there are also DE visual, sound mods and other fun stuff from DE(adaptive age of mandala… )

Handicap Feature

Empire wars mod



Apparently this is a branch of WololoKingdoms DE, and both are different from the still updating UserPatch. The difference between UserPatch and WololoKingdoms was always that UserPatch only required you to have the CD version of AoE2, being the branch that was more or less independently developed since support on the conquerers expansion stopped, while WololoKingdoms required a license check, you needed to have HD or DE to play it, and it included new civs and mechanics. This new CommunityPatch branch seems to be an attempt to get as many DE features into a Voobly patch without getting sued for letting people pay for free, stepping away from the independently made balance changes and such UserPatch has had in some versions. You will still be missing a bunch of civs and such.

this video is old there are a lot of things from DE that are added

They list them all, but they also state this:

Community Patch v1.6 reuses most of the code from the existing Wololo Kingdoms DE, adding the balance and functionalities. However there are some important differences:

  • Community Patch v1.6 is free to use by everyone, without the need of a license check. Wololo Kingdoms DE requires passing a license check.
  • Community Patch v1.6 doesn’t include all the civilizations that Wololo Kingdoms DE has, as for those you need to own AoE II Definitive Edition.

If they have all of them in there anyway they might get cease and desisted pretty soon.

Or at least they will now that they’ve been ratted out on the official forums.

Edit: either that or they’re using some legal trick I’m not accounting for. Remaking all assets by hand with minor differences maybe?

Edit more: on the other hand, I have a hard time finding out how long this has been out already, and it does seem to be attracting some attention.

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Ah, like that.

Okay, I didn’t say anything then.

Oh, that’s not good. They should be shutting down the old versions in my opinion, in order to move people onto DE. My way of seeing it is it’s better to bring the old players to DE, rather than bringing a DE adaption to them.


That would be awful. Some players still want to play the classic game.

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Why? It’s worse in every way, when people say the graphics are better, that’s definitely nostalgia.


No The Lord of the rings mod. And many other awesome mods. Jurassic Park dinosaur mod.

Destroying the old game will generate needless controversy for nothing.


How can people play those mods with such awful graphics?

For 5+ months no support for windows 7 on voobly

DE has higher system requirements. What about players whose computers can’t run DE, and who can’t afford to upgrade? I don’t really approve of “shutting down old versions” of anything, to be honest. Access control is one of the least savoury aspects of DRM.

Even if that’s true, why is that a problem? Graphics quality is mostly subjective anyway, and nostalgia seems as good a reason as any to base one’s preferences on.


This mod can run on every PC and its free to use graphics are not that good as in DE since it is improved Aoc. Yeah l dissagre with shutting down old version. There is allready a lobby for DE mod rated games.
But Voobly as l said will support only win 10(maybe win 8) and 11 for 5 months so thay will lose a lot of players with awfull pc’s.

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Community patch 1.6 tutorial
Setup and play:



its pretty amazing they could back port a lot of these feature to work. keeps the game and some big mod going like PCM and Sengoku


Are there no direct download links that does not need installing Voobly?


What’s the progress on Gurjaras, when will they be ready?


Soon l think before october
And l think its possible to play offline ask player with name katsuie he is developing offline patch
Here is profile link

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It includes all civs now!

  • 1 The Age of Kings
    • 1.1 Britons
    • 1.2 Byzantines
    • 1.3 Celts
    • 1.4 Chinese
    • 1.5 Franks
    • 1.6 Goths
    • 1.7 Japanese
    • 1.8 Mongols
    • 1.9 Persians
    • 1.10 Saracens
    • 1.11 Teutons
    • 1.12 Turks
    • 1.13 Vikings
  • 2 The Conquerors
    • 2.1 Aztecs
    • 2.2 Huns
    • 2.3 Koreans
    • 2.4 Mayans
    • 2.5 Spanish
  • 3 The Forgotten
    • 3.1 Incas
    • 3.2 Hindustanis
    • 3.3 Italians
    • 3.4 Magyars
    • 3.5 Slavs
  • 4 The African Kingdoms
    • 4.1 Berbers
    • 4.2 Ethiopians
    • 4.3 Malians
    • 4.4 Portuguese
  • 5 Rise of the Rajas
    • 5.1 Burmese
    • 5.2 Khmer
    • 5.3 Malay
    • 5.4 Vietnamese
  • 6 Last Khans
    • 6.1 Bulgarians
    • 6.2 Cumans
    • 6.3 Lithuanians
    • 6.4 Tatars
  • 7 Lords of the West
    • 7.1 Burgundians
    • 7.2 Sicilians
  • 8 Dawn of the Dukes
    • 8.1 Bohemians
    • 8.2 Poles
  • 9 Dynasties of India
    • 9.1 Bengalis
    • 9.2 Dravidians
    • 9.3 Gurjaras

I think this is great, and especially for those who can’t afford, or don’t have the hardware to run AoE2 DE on steam. Voobly can make AoE2 on their platform almost identical to DE, but the one thing they don’t have and probably never will, is the network infrastructure that DE uses for their multiplayer. Dedicated Servers are far superior to Peer 2 Peer networking. No more “Waiting for Vote”, or having to put EU, or AUS/NZ tags on your lobby title. You can now play with players on the opposite side of the world and the response times are still near-instantaneous.

Then again, the DE patches for Voobly are completely free so they definitely got that going for them. I hope they keep moving forward on getting it closer and closer to identical so if/when the time comes that Microsoft pulls the plug on the dedicated servers, there is a place for everyone to go to, Voobly.