DE played on voobly. Will it be possible?

You are right. Its just that there is people (like me) that are starting to hate the way rated and matchmaking games work (but thats another topic) . Aoe 2 DE is amazing and the new balances and civs and new units and campaigns, they are all amazing. Also to be able to zoom in and out really helps me.
Now after the hype of the first months I am getting tired of the DE online. I would like it to be on voobly so I can make my own ranked lobbys as I wish.

Like it was the ‘old’ days but with all the cool things DE has.

We have to convince devs that this will be a fine addition.

Leaving the game will make everything pointless.

I don’t like the MM either, but I’d say we need to wait for devs to implement it

There are also people who love MM. The main reasons for me to love MM:

  1. Games are much more balanced (note: I play mostly 1v1)
  2. There is much more variance in the maps i can play.
  3. I get into a new game much quicker

First is was sceptical about MM too. Therefore i waited a long time to buy DE. Now i wish i bought the game at release. MM is just so much better. I know not everyone see this as a step forwards and also i see things to improve. I would love if the devs expand the functionality of MM so more players enjoy MM.

DE isnt meant to be another platform to play the game, but to united the community. So even if it is possible to get DE on Voobly, i hope they decide to no make such patch / mod.

This is completely true. So let us focus on uniting the community at DE by improving MM.


I still don’t understand why having a decent Ranked Lobby and MM together is that of a bad idea.

Not team games, in fact, I don’t want to play TG ranked anymore for now


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There has been talk for months that WK creators are working on a new WK version, that includes some of the DE features, but not everything.
At the very most you can hope for the QoL features and the new civs. The server based mutliplayer will of course not come to voobly, meaning you would also be back to 300+ ping games (or for me only playing against europeans).

I hope they don’t

WK can destroy DE

DE is way better than even WK.

Just to stay with the correct wording. WK is simply the mod that brought HD balance and civs to Voobly. So with DE, WK would still only be the mod bringing the features, balance and civs to Voobly.

You can say “DE is better than Voobly (+ “DE” WK)” for a bunch of reasons.
Other people might feel the other way around.

But “DE is better than WK” simply makes no sense.

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Yeah, but considering the fact that DE is supposed to unite the community, a WK patch will only hurt this.

Because DE is no longer as buggy as HD was.

Have a look at some bugs in the bug report forum. I dont think everyone agree with this statement :wink:

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Ya, I think its evident DE is the only future platform with potential to unite the community, although this game drives me crazy over and over again.

WK on Voobly was way less buggy than DE is atm.

as buggy as HD

Not not buggy at all

Yes, but DE is getting constant updates

Makes no sense to not play on the version with the servers and go back to p2p 300+ ping. Without players, then server dies and everyone is forced to play on shi**y lag.

Let’s wait for them to fix the lobby system and its fine.

buggy yes, laggy no. The gameplay ingame itself doesn’t lag, problems outside it makes it lag.

Yeah, WK in this case will damage AOE2 playerbase.
If we keep doing this, we will never get what we want from the devs

There is lag and this needs to be fixed. See:

constant updates with more bugs every time 11

And those bugs get fixed in next updates.

You guys act like every game in the world is flawless in each update.

Again, the game freezing isn’t because of ingame lag. It is an outside problem that makes it lag. Ask the same people you are playing against. They won’t feel your ‘lag’.

The fact that other games are also badly developed doesn’t make a difference. Look at the update that allowed units to go through walls… that would easily have been noticed if they actually tested before release. Now Malay are still broken and it’s been nearly two weeks without an update despite being discovered hours after release. Things like this need to be immediately hotfixed. But that’s another topic tbh