DE Soundtrack audio too quiet

I’ve noticed the soundtrack music is pretty quiet, even when the slider in the settings is at max volume, compared to the old AoE2:HD. If I have it at mid-volume, I can barely hear the audio at times.

This is partly because it’s more symphonic/orchestral; whereas the old soundtrack was more electronic-/digital-/MIDI-sounding and, so, was more punchy and in-your-face, by nature.

Can the soundtrack loudness be increased so we can have a higher max volume?

I’d still also like the old soundtrack, as is, incorporated into the DE game as an option. I enjoy the new soundtrack, but also enjoy the old version very much.

Maybe the old soundtrack could be unlocked after playing 50 or 100 games (ANY game; single-player, campaign, multi-player, etc.), or something like that. That would ensure players get a chance to enjoy the new soundtrack and give it a shot, as I bet the game’s musicians would want, before being sidelined for the old version (if that’s a concern of the devs).

I will, personally, bounce back and forth between old and new soundtracks forever, as I enjoy them both. I’d even like it if the old soundtrack could be mixed in with the new playlists so it’s not an either/or thing that I have to decide before a game starts or mid-game.

Honest doubt about that: the settings menu have some different options to what tracks will play on the game. What differ from option to option? The legacy option don’t play the original tracks?

From the in-game tooltip:


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you can get Original music mod .

In theory you can make new mod by using this mod as base and then mix up old and new .

I’ve seen that, but still pretty vague, that’s why I asked. What “traditional soundtrack” or “music that suits your civilization” even mean?