De-synchronization > No result

This issue where our team is about to win, or turning the momentum, etc. and the game de-synchronizes and leads to no result.

I have never seen any messages regarding it in hotfixes, maintenance, but maybe I’m just reading Lazy.

NEED TO ADDRESS THIS! Happens to me at least a few times per session. Never really “random” times, its always as the game starts to go in our favor or we are about to win as a team.

Is there a Bug? Is there an active exploit? I report for cheating sometimes but I cant put a finger on things as it happens maybe naturally because of server and client problems.

It is ruining the experience for me!

Anyone from AOE IV dev/support comment on this letting us know what is going on? Or do you not know either?

It’s an exploit, people are using a hack to desync the game when they are going to lose. You can report the match, or the player, if you notice that it happens when you play against certain players make sure to report them

Yes, this is a well known exploits. It’s too hard to find who does it in a 4v4 game. Obviously if it’s 1v1 we will know who does it.

Find them in recent played players, report those who have a lot of ‘no result’ matches or those who hide their history.

no result = it was a drop hack

This issue happened again for the nth time when our team was about to win the other.

How many MONTHS does it take to fix this bug?