Dear Devs high time you start playing the game with community

If you want real games play with players who are actually playing. Stop hiding inside your closed test group, as it looks like the current dev team lack any skilled people who can actually represent people who play the game regularly.

Currently your updates are not balancing, it’s breaking the game more, on top of that all your balance decisions are completely disconnected from what community wants.

This is from your stream summary
Discussed Micro. Gave example of Archers losing to spears with no micro, but with micro Archers win. They don’t want that type of experience, so they added bonus damage so archers beat spearmen without micro.

Please show the community the data on how many people complained about archer micro? infact from the start the main complaint and many core players leaving the game was not having enough military micro. Archer should not fire in melee range and still win in melee combat, once a person closes in on ranged units they are dead, if bow is their only weapon. Tell the community when was this a problem?

You devs have problems, but players who actually play regularly don’t have. Archer micro should exists, but they should get killed if they engage in melee combat with any melee unit, thats why they are rnaged and they need to have micro management.

Please do not add this change, this is completely stupid, nobody ever complained about micro in this game, infact many players actually want more micro in military. Please stop balancing if you guys can’t balance the game. Just fix the bugs and let players play the game with peace of mind.



I think you misunderstood based on the summary. They are talking about their philosophy designing the game, i.e. making the game more accessible and less micro intensive. They aren’t talking about new added bonus damage against spears; they are talking about the bonus damage that is already reflected in game. Hope that helps.

less mirco intensive, i thought this is a macro game at all, but now if i want a win game i need to keep mirco the siege to get it, which ia supper annoying